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Smoking Dream


Well I had my first "Smoking Dream" of this quit yesterday afternoon while I was taking a nap.

In the dream I was laying in bed (What's funny is it wasn't my "current" bed, but a bed I had about 15 years ago) I had 2 packs of Marlboro Reds sitting on the headboard and I was just waking up.

Out of the smoker's instinct I reached up and grabbed a cigarette and lit it up. I was still "groggy" in my dream so I just lit the think and took a couple of drags off of the thing. After I "started to wake up" in the dream I realized I was smoking, got pissed off at myself and then started to look around and realized that something wasn't right, I was laying in a bed I hadn't had for 15 years, that this must be a dream. Well here is where I get a bit mad at myself. Since I had realized I was in a dream, I thought it couldn't hurt, so I decided to have a couple of more drags off the cigarette. I then got pissed at myself again for smoking and told myself to wake up!

Well I "woke up" again, however I knew I was still in the dream because I was laying in the my bed of 15 years ago still. Except this time I only had the lighter and the ashtray with no cigarettes. Before I could do anything more with this, I ended up waking up in real life (To actual reality this time).

I have been stewing with anger all day over this, I still am pissed at myself for deciding to go ahead and smoke for a couple of more drags within the dream. I keep taking it as a setback in my quit. I have tried like hell to do as Allen Carr suggests and think of myself as a "non-smoker" however I keep arguing to myself that my dream contradicts that fact and I have a long way to go mentally yet before I can beat this thing.

I realize I am probably just being too hard on myself, I mean afterall, I have had dreams that I could fly like Superman before, but when I woke up did I actually think I could fly? No, I realized it was just a dream. I am trying to put this into perspective that it is the nicotine monster inside of me trying to trick me into smoking again and to persevere. Regardless, it made the rest of my evening a real pain in the butt, because all I did was think about smoking. I ended up eating half a package of Oreo Cookies and a bunch of Sunflower Seeds to get me through the night. This is another thing Allen Carr does not want people to do, substitute food for smoking.

Basically I had a bad day with my quit :( I guess I know these will happen and I just need to stay strong.

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Oh that dream is soooooo common x x x x

Many of us have had it, It was set in the past so you can see how far you have come in 15 years!

The Superman a.n.alogy is very good :D and true!! you know that you are proud that you didn't smoke in reality x x x a dream is just that! don't over a.n.a.lise!!

You may be feeling at a bit of a loss but this is all part and parcel of your quit.

You are progressing very naturally and doing brilliantly.

Put a smile on your face and hold your head high!!

~Buffy x x

Hey Smokefree - your post has just reminded me of my dream this weekend.

I've stopped for 10 weeks, and its going well, i don't suffer from cravings and rarely think about it. Although on Saturday i was in my sisters house with 3 smokers, and although it crossed my mind, i wouldn't actually do it.

One of the things helping through my quit is my cousin, after every weekend she text's me to ask if i've stayed quit, when i reply Yes, she replies 'Gud lass' Having her to answer to really helps.

Anyway, in my dream, i was with my cousin and i lit a cigarette and took one drag - then looked at my cousin and asked 'You're really pissed off with me aren't you?' and she replied 'Yes I am' - and she looked so disapointed. I remember thinking, in the dream, i've already took one drag, should i put it out now or should i have a few more drags. I remember feeling so disapointed in myself that i'd had one drag, because i've got this far without one single puff.

Anyway, in the dream i was suffering all this turmoil - then i woke up, aaarrrgggh, the relief!!!! I'm still a non smoker THANK GOD!!!!!!

I'm not reading into this in a bad way, it DOESN'T mean i want to smoke, it just means after 10wks its still on my mind sometimes.

Thanks for sharing your dream becuase its reminded me of mine and that relief i felt when i realised it was just a dream.

Hope you can feel the same way.

Stay strong!!:D

The food substitute:

Yeah, that would be me! I beat myself up all day yesterday after my reveal on the almighty scale! I have been substituting with healthy stuff like fruits and whole grain snacks but I guess it doesn't matter. It's that ugly metabolism thing. Just another demon to tackle later. Your dream was pretty wild. I haven't had any of those yet. Just be glad it was a dream and you didn't wake up puffing on a ciggy!:)

SmokeFreeinKC, that is one hell of a dream. I hadn't heard of smoking dreams before but last I had a dream too. I met with friends on summers day on a beach, they we're all smoking and kept offering me smokes. I kept refusing, then one of them asked if I'd hold theirs whilst they went to the loo, I did, and in my dream I was smelling the smoke and thinking of taking a drag when my OH arrives and goes mad at me for smoking, even though I wasn't, even in my dream.

I woke up and went to the bathroom and was convinced I could smell smoke, even woke OH up to ask him if he could smell it too; I really thought I'd managed to smoke in my sleep, even thought there are no ciggies in the house.

Ps, there was a smell of smoke in the bathroom which is even weirder:eek: , not ciggarette smoke but someone nearby had started a fire at 4am on the building site nearby!!!!

I feel this was probably a trigger to the dream, smelling smoke in my sleep probably triggered a subconcious though of smoking.

Anyway well done with not having a real ciggie!!!

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