Hi Im a new member heard of system 4

Hi Im Del had a real rough time lately but finally given up the wrotten weed I have had bad depression as I am going through the change of life so body mind and etc in very bad state wanted to give up smokeing as i get out of breath quite quickly and as i am a hairdresser doing old people i see what cigarettes do to alot of my old customers and this breacks my heart and don't want my children to see me in that way.

Now I have tried to pack up smoking using alot of NRT products but as i had problems as they brought on anxiety attacks and bad vomiting,which ended up to a visit to the hospital on two occasions. I could not take the pills as had depression. I had to cut down on my silk cut silver which I did i put 11 cigs in a box and had my daily allowance this carried on for 8 weeks coped with it but felt that i was watching the clock sometimes but this was the only way for me. I then watched Paul mc kenna dvd on giving up smokeing which i highly recommend and gave up two days later to day is going into my 3rd day of not smoking still a lot trembly but copeing. I also recommend system 4 a gadget that helps cut down nigatine while smoking your ciggattee

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  • hi Del,

    welcome to the forum..

    sounds like you've had really rough time-feel for you-been there

    done that-remember it well:(

    congrats on your quit - you can do it this time - especially

    with all the guys on here - so much help and support..

    keep reading here for moral support..

    I'm on day 3(again!) too (as are quite a few others)

    so we'll be feeling this together:D

    stay strong..good luck


  • hi del,

    Day 3 congrats your doing well and with all your going through too very admirable , system 4 ? whats that not heard of it can you give more details,


  • hi del,

    Day 3 congrats your doing well and with all your going through too very admirable , system 4 ? whats that not heard of it can you give more details,


    Hi Del - well done with your quit. We are all here to help so keep on posting.

    Casey - Went on google and found out about system 4. The web site is system4.co.uk/howitworks.html. Not sure if it is the way to go but never used it myself. Probably ok if just starting quit but not a long term thing

  • Well done Dan!:) You are doing great, keep focused and stay stopped - the rewards will be immense :)

    Someone at work here brought those wee filter things in a while back (I think they were the same thing). It is a good way to encourage anyone thinking about giving up, as the tar that is left in the filter is yucky disgusting! :eek: But that's all I would recommend it for.

  • Crikey, l remember those, in fact i think that l still have one somewhere lurking about:o What l DO remember about them is, the horrible, black, tar that you had to periodically wash out!:eek: I can't say that this method worked for me though. Give me good ol' Champix any time :D

    Love Josie XXX

  • Thank you

    I hope this goes to everybody who has emailed me i am still hanging on in there its now been 4 days since i had a fag its been hell but i knew it would be anyway still going cold turkey taking my medication for depression and listening to paul mckenna not just about packing up smoking but relaxation and everythink i have problems getting to sleep and keep wanting to go to the toilet all the time maybe side effect idont know. Any Way I am so proud of you all for giving up and if i can stick to it so can you!

  • Re Cold Turkey

    Hi Del

    Well done to you 4 days under your own steam fantastic. I'm on 8 weeks with patches and some of that has been a struggle so you should be really proud. Keep going it does get better it's the feeling of something missing that gets me, then a walk to my local shop makes me remember why i'm doing this. (no puffing and panting if you'll pardon the pun)

    cupcake :D

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