No Smoking Day
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Day 4

well its day 4 for me.:D :D :D

i have tried to stop smoking before using patches,but i'm finding cold turkey alot easier.

i really feel good at the moment cravings are bearable, im scared that the bubble will burst and the cravings will get worse. because at the moment i can handle them.

i have bought loads of sugar free chewing gum and sugar free lolly pops the suck on.

i am trying to keep active as well as i scared of putting to much weight on .

been for a good walk this morning.

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Hey Lyn x x

You're doing fantastic x x It is a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs! but when you have so many hours - days under your belt, the downs get easier as you have already achieved soooooooo much!!!

Well Done and stay strong

~Buffy x x


Day 4 already Lynn! Doesn't time fly by quickly?? As youre going ct most of the yukky nicotine will have gone from yyour body so now you know that if you get any urges they are no longer'real' just old nic trying to trick you. Remember Lynn' you are stronger than the smoking habit ' I say that to myself and it works

honest! Take care and well done.

Karen x


YAYYYY Day 4 for you!

Most days from here on out are easier than those first three days, but just a small warning to you. Around day 8 can be rough and then back to a smooth ride again. You can make it through, I am not worried ;) You are doing an excellent job and fighting those craving with gum and lolly pops should be just fine! Whew almost 1 week for you :D Good on you!


thanks for all your kind words.


well done to all other non smokers:D


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