No Smoking Day

About to start Day 16

Well I just got home after going to the "Haunted Houses"

That is a really big deal here in Kansas City. It is rated in the tops in the United States for Haunted Houses.

They have "professionally ran" 6 story buildings dedicated to haunted houses, each year every house probably attracts several hundred thousand visitors.

Example "The Beast" and "The Edge of Hell"

Anyhow, my point is this is my first "big" night out of dealing with the "smoke" of public settings as there were hundreds of smokers around (even the other couple my girlfriend and I were with smoked) and I was able to handle it like a champ.

I feel I am going to beat this thing this time for good :D

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Well Done!! and on a spooky night out too :D hehehehe

It's a great revelation when you realise nothing changes when you don't smoke!

Life goes on and you can still soc.i.a.l.ise (had to break the word up as the word gets cencored :confused: ) and have fun!!

Good on you ;)

Stay strong

~Buffy x x


Great job!

I haven't been out yet in a crowd, but yesterday I was watching a guy smoke a cigarette outside our local general store. He was puffing really hard on it like it was a joint, trying to get in every last little bit before he entered the store. I hope I never looked that pathetic! It really turned me off!! It's watching little things like this that make me sure I am done for good!

I have entered my 14th day of non-smoking!!! Yeah!!!

Quit: Monday Oct. 1st @ 6am

Smoked: 10-15 per day for 27 yrs.

Method: cold turkey

Slips: none


Well done Jon. Looked at the links you left re the haunted houses stuff. Its the sort of thing my hubby would love!! We've been to the London Dungeon and to the one in Amsterdam too. They look to be on a par with your HH. Must confess I thought the only reason folks went to the usa for was the theme parks and disneyworld! Just shows how totally wrong I was!!Anyway hats off to ya for doing it all Smoke-free. What a star you are!!

Karen x


Well Done jon. Sounds like you had a good night out.


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