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No Smoking Day
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Difficult journey


Has anyone been like me? I have been off the fags for 6 months or more, but its not been easy and there have been a fair few blips- some big ones and some mini ones.

I am still dependant on full strength gum, and my consumption of that has increased lately. But my latest quit has been good. When I have blipped I hated the smell of my fingers, my clothes and my car. Some mornings the desire to smoke that 1st fag has overcome my positive attitude, but overall in 6 months have smoked less than i would have done in one week. i was a full on 30 a day bloke.

I feel this time will be the real time, will work on the reduction of gum, but as long as I am not smoking I am not bothered. I still regard myslef as an ex smoker, and I still think I have done 6 months. Have gone 4 days now since my last blip- bought 10 Lambert and Butler and smoked them cos of perceived stress at work. Did they help? No way.

Just being honest even though some of u will think me a wuss. I really respect all those who have gone cold turkey and kept off the weed.

One day- I'll get there.

Doing Clumber Park 10k run on Sunday- 6 months ago- could not have walked it. Thats got to count for something!


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Hi there Ron,

Well done on getting to 6 months even if it is with a few blips, we all have them!

Just think of all those ciggies that you haven't smoked in the last 6 months!

If you have only had a few blips then at some point you should be able to stop completely and forever, if we never give up giving up then at some point we will give up! If thats makes any sense at all!

Anyway I hope I make it as far as you have come, keep up the good work Ron, you will get there!

Love Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I don't think your a wuss for anything. I admire your commitment and your strength to continue. You are right. You will be there someday and who are we to judge your progress or methods. We have all had our slips. I am on my thrid attempt and am like you. I will continue to quit until I get to a point where I smoke nothing at all. I am in my two week period and am doing good so far. My longest is a little over 6 weeks. So we will see. I have faith and am commited to do this for my health. Plus, I would like to be in a position where I can enjoy a grandchild someday if my son of 25 ever decides to get married and settle down. Keep going...it works for you!


Thanks for your support.

Managed to do the run in about an hour, 10 minutes better than my last run. Feeling great about that and managed to be totally fag free now for over a week, and down to lower strength gum.

Keep trying if u have a blip I say. If I can, anyone can. The fags never help, they just make things worse!

Take care and respect to all on here.



Wow Ron,

That is fantastic mate,

You have done so well, I hope you are really proud of yourself!

We are very proud of you,


Love Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Feeling totally back in the zone and now looking fwd to next 10k Leeds in November- 10 minutes less for my PB. Beats 30 JPS and coughing. Will really try now.


*hugs* Ron x x x x x

So pleased to hear your feeling good again x x x x

All my best for the 10k


~Buffy x x x x

Ps make sure you come back and report afterward the leeds 10k ;)


Will do

Another fag free day and £5 better off. This time its got to be for ever and no blips?


Of course it will be ;)

Keep those £5 rolling in and keep your self indulged x x

Because your strong and brilliant :D

x x x x x x


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