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2nd day

Hi everyone

Had my last cig on monday night a about 11.30pm. I'm so sick of smoking and smelling like an ashtray. I have tried to give up before using Allan Carr method which did not work but i did get my money back. I also tried Biorsinance in New ways clinic in London and did not work at all and they would not give my £295 back (although they said this was 100% guarenteed. I'm on patches and feel ok and very positive but does anyone have any tips??????

Debbie in London

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Hi Debbie,

I'm sure everyone here will be able to give you great advice on loads of different methods and tips. For what's it worth my advice is:

* know why you want to give up. Take the time to really think about it and write down the reasons, keep the list with you.

* think about what triggers you to smoke. Is it when you're stressed, or bored, etc? Plan what you're going to do at

these times instead. Being prepared in advance makes it easier when the trigger times do occur.

* talk to a smoking cessation advisor about what method might work best for you (eg, cold turkey, nrt, champix, etc).

* stay positive. You're not giving anything up, you're gaining freedom from a nasty addiction. Don't feel sorry for yourself!

* be prepared - stock up on fruit juice for the first few days, if you're using NRT make sure you've got enough with you.

* talk to people - either here, other forums or IRL. Make sure that you're getting the support you need.


It really helps!!!!


It really helps to know that there is a support network out there as i have smoked about 20 - 25 per day for the past 25 years. My reasons for stopping are:

1) My breath stinks and i am so ashamed. I must brush my teeth about 5 times per day!!!!

2) I seem to keep popping into the garden to have another cig while i have got so much to do with my business and three children.#

3) My kids keep telling me to quit!! and also my partner.

4) I really feel a slave to this awful addiction.

5) I would just love to lead a life without thinking about when i can have another cig.

Thanks everyone!!

Debbie XX


i love a glass of wine

can anyone tell me how long it is before your not thinking of a cig with a glass of wine?

I love a glass of wine in the evening!!!!! I'm afraid that i will smoke again if i have one!!

Debs x


Hi Debbie

What about changing where you have a drink or change the drink itself?

Maybe pamper yourself instead eg a big bubble bath (maybe have the wine in the bath - its difficult to smoke in the bath!)

Not sure how long it takes to get over the cravings especially when you associate things you like with having cigarette - Only on day 3 here

Hang on in there though :)



Drinking wine without smoking is a great experience :D

I loves me wine and now it tastes better, though I am fussier a teeny bit :rolleyes:

My head hurts less in the morning and smoke free wine is lush!!

The thing is with quitting is that it is will power involved which ever method.

Really plan well write hundreds of lists, what you can do instead what your goals are plan the savings and your rewards really work at the prequit hard!!

~Buffy x x


I seem to be drinking more than when I smoked, must be something to do with occupying myself!:D


3rd day and ok

Hi all

its the 3rd day and i'm still really positive!!!! I even had 2 big glsses of wine without a cig!! I just keep it in my mind that maybe the next couple of weeks will be a challange and the withdrawal will get easier. I have notised that i'm not chewing gum, spraying perfume andbrushing my teeth like a lunatic anymore so that in itself is so less stressful than life as a smoker. I'm so glad that i can type my thoughts down as this seems to really help.

Thanks everyone

Debbie xxxxx :


I'm hoping being here helps too Debbie, in fact i know it does. Only started Champix yesterday and plan to come on here every day even before quit date of 27th as it is all such amazing positive stuff. Never have I felt more confident or prepared to give up this sick, crazy, expensive, dangerous, dirty, smelly, antisocial, insane habit once and for all. Go girl and keep those fingers busy on the keyboard - with of course, the occasional break for a nice slug of wine! Cheers!


Hi Michele

Thanks for your reply. Like you i have tried everything, Allan Carr, Bioresenance(think thats how its spelt!!!) Patches, gum, cold turkey etc. I've now just reached a point where i think i'm so sick of trying to give up that i keep telling myself JUST DO IT! My partner cant go anywhere near me when i've had a gig let alone be intimate!! My children just keep tellig me that i stink! I'm on day 4 now and feel a little bit nervous as my partner has gone to ireland for the weekend and i'm scared that i'll slip back while he's away!! I'll just keep busy and stay positive. Good luck with you and your doing really well!!!

Big hug

Debbie xxx



Wondering what kind of gigs you do Debbie. Keep up the good work and stay positive and see your partner being away as an excuse to chill/have a change of routine. Do something fun and different with the kids, whatever, just don't slip!

I feel a bit of a fraud actually as am still smoking - on day 3 of Champix and plan to quit on day 8. Luckily no side effects yet apart maybe from some serious trumps - but my boys are proud of them!

Oldest son has first sleepover tonight so probably in for a night of no sleep but he and his friend are playing a footie match tomorrow morning against their arch rivals so have warned them I may turn into Alex Ferguson at 10pm if lights aren't out!

Now chilling with a nice glass of red after a chippy tea with the kids and waiting for hubster to get in from work.

Looking forward to next Thursday - quit day. Some apprehension obviously after so many previous failed attempts but I truly believe this will be the one - somehow something has switched in my mind and coming on this site has made me realise I am not alone and that there are some wonderful, positive, strong people out there and if they can do it so can I, and so can you.

Go girl!


oh dear i've slipped up!!!!

Hello everyone

well i've slipped up and had a cigarette last night (Actually 3!!!) I feel really low today. Some relatives came over and we all had a bit to drink and the rest is history!!! Not had any today and plan on not smoking any later (i hope)

Feel really upset with myself

Debs xx



I hate how my chest feels, how my skin is beginning to look, how disgusting I feel when I smoke, how I hide it from other people, how it sucks my energy away, how I waste my money, how it threatens my life and most of all I hate that it makes me feel like an old lady in a beat up bathrobe with no teeth, wearing fuzzy pink slippers and with the tv guide and some twinkies tucked inside...that is how I feel when I aint no pretty picture..


It seems to work for everyone else, why not you.....

This is a false statement it does not work for everyone else!

Everyones quit is different and the methods as individual again.

Well done on your quit glad your method worked for you


Just to add my tupence worth - I agree with Boudee. After many many many quits using just about every method going I finally found a way that works FOR ME (this happens to be champix which some people can't take it makes them feel sick) Buffy on here went cold turkey (something I couldn't ever manage) but shes done it successfully. Various others here have used patches,gum.zybanetc.

My point being is that its "different strokes for different folks". Whilst it is grate you quit using Bio R - Please understand that what suits one person doesn't necessarily suit another.


:D Though it wasn't a decision to go cold turkey :D

Was just too sick to smoke so quit :rolleyes: hehehe

In my experience, Pleurisy n pneumonia is the best way to quit! hardly going to go round telling everyone to get that now am I! :D


:D Though it wasn't a decision to go cold turkey :D

Was just too sick to smoke so quit

In my experience, Pleurisy n pneumonia is the best way to quit! hardly going to go round telling everyone to get that now am I! :D

Minor point sweetie minor point!lol:rolleyes:hehehe


:D hahahaha :p

Well I have a valid point eh?


:D hahahaha

Well I have a valid point eh?

hey whatever works for you sweets.................!!!!hehehe:D


hey whatever works for you sweets.................!!!!hehehe:D

:D exactly what works for one may not for another ;)


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