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2nd day and still there!


two days....still okay, no real problems. Had 1st meal out after which I could have murdered a cig. However, I dug in deep, had an extra apple pie and overcame this potentially weak point. (Need to be careful with those little extras though)

I was riding around on buses a lot today cos they're air conditioned and cool (40c here today) and my mind fully accepts not smoking on buses..so I bought a day ticket and hopped off one bus onto another for best part of 4 hours!!

Bring on day 3..I'm not weakening. (Already €8 saved, together with all the benefits listed under 'stopped for 48 hours')

I find it really helps to start each day with the mantra, "No expensive white stick of poison is gonna rule me...I shall NOT smoke today"

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Well done Phil. I'm on day 3 tomorrow too so I hope I can stay strong and keep up with you.

Feeling better already since I stopped though.


ElvieB...Well done!!

I'm soooo determined to win this battle. It's become really close and personal between me and some barbaric nicodemons who want to kill me and charge me for the pleasure!

Stick it out....we'll support each other thro it. Post anytime when it hurts, for a moan, groan or whinge...anything... just do not give in.

Hey Phil do you dive much in Gozo ?

It really does help if you find someone who has quit at the same time on here.

So, Evie and Phil, consider yourself a team!

Support and help each other through this site. There will be many others who will be rooting for you and will contribute and assist you on your way but if you have someone doing it with you it can be a great aid in your quit.

I'm almost three months in with the help of my friends on this website. Reach out and you will win... :)

That's a really good idea Pappy H. Phil and I both started our quits more or less at the same time so maybe we can become quit buddies and continue to support one another :).

I can identify with what you say Phil when you talk about how easy it is to give in "why not, what harm's it going to do" because I've fallen into that trap before on more than one occasion.

This time I'm determined not to crumble and the improvements to my general well-being since starting this quit have proved just what a negative impact smoking has been having on me. This is more than enough reason for me to pack the smoking in for good!

On reflection, apart from the odd 'moment', the past couple of days haven't really been too hard to handle and I'm sure I will get used to a new smoke free life if I stick at it. I'm actually beginning to enjoy a coffee without the accompanying fag, and better still - without pining for one, so that's got to be a good sign.

Onwards and upwards, stay strong.


Evie...Hi....Hope all is well and you're smoke free!!

I got thro day 3 okay and feel quite strong. At this moment I feel that I might just crack this...but I need to take it day by day.

I'm still waking upto my mantra, "I will not pay to kill myself" & "Today, I simply will not smoke"......I use them every time a craving comes.

Hope you are going strong. Do not give in, you really are fighting for years of more money, more life and better health. A few weeks of pain now have got to be worth it!!

Come on Evie...we CAN & WILL do it.

Hey Phil do you dive much in Gozo ?

Snorkel as opposed to SCUBA...but my main thing is Sea Kayaking.

Hi Phil

Day 3 over and still smokefree:). Had some friends round this evening so have had a couple of glasses of wine - usually a signal for me to nip out in the back garden and 'enjoy' a smoke. Whether it was the incessant rain that's been present for the last few days or my sheer determination through gritted teeth not to smoke I'm not sure but I did not give in to temptation!

I will remember your mantra about not paying to kill myself every time I feel nicotinee tempting me.

You are right, I think we can do it this time.:)

Thanks for the support, stay strong.


ps I bet it's not raining in Gozo - stayed at the San Lawrenz myself 3 years ago - VERY nice.

Meant to say the Kempinski at San Lawrenz

3rd week, 2nd full day of not smoking

I have been on Champix for 3 weeks, but just could not find the will power to stop. Made a date and it passed, but I think the fact you smoke while doing this caused me to continue. Anway, 2nd day today of no fags and I don't feel to bad about the day ahead. Reading some of the posts DOES give me a boost. Good luck to everyone and 15 pounds saved already.

Hi Ben, glad you could join us. I'm not on champix so can't say anything about it. I'm enjoying the savings too. Come here often and read lots of posts. Well done for making the decision to quit.

The Kepinski enjoys a deserved good reputation. I live just up the very first steep hill as you arrive via the ferry at L'Imgar in a village called Ghajnsielem.

We will support each other and get through this together.

I just get a good feeling about all this!

Also Evie, you've become part of it...there is no way I'm gonna let you down by smoking. I hope from the bottom of my heart that you use me in the same competetive light. That 'edge' of trust, the refusal to fail each other may just tip the scales for us when times get hard or stressful.

Let's keep going!!

Hello Phil

Well, day 4 seems to be okay so far (apart from the rain that we've had for the past 4 days now!).

It does make a difference having a 'quit buddy' to keep me company - I swear it's making me more committed to seeing it through to the end this time. I have made myself a promise that there will be no 'sneaky smokes' as there have been in my previous half-hearted attempts to quit and I will be completely honest this time.

Going back to Gozo, I did really like the place although, when I was there, there were some really mean mosquitos around. The Kempinski was lovely but it was nice to explore the island and eat out some of the lovely local eating places that are dotted around. I didn't get to the island by ferry, we used the helicopter and it was a real old boneshaker I can tell you - quite an experience.

Back to this quit - up to now I've managed to distract my thoughts away from smoking but I'm not sure how long this honeymoon period of my quit will last. It seems too good to be true up to now. Whatever happens though I am in this for the long haul and I don't want to let you, or myself down.

I hope your day is good Phil.


Day 4! Way to go Evie. I just KNOW that you and Phil are going to be a grade A stopping team. Love it. Well done both of you. You are soooooo going to thank yourselves.

I love the idea of riding busses as a quit aid. Wish i'd thought of it, but then, bus rides around Gozo are probably significantly more scenic than bus rides around carlisle :)

Well done to both of you and good support going on already:)

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