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Here I go again


Alright you guys. I am having another go at this. Tony is still recovering from the surgery but my stress level is down big time. I have started back on the chantix and tomorrow, which will probablly be this evening when i am out of these 10 cigarettes. I have been getting mentally prepared and ready and I know what to expect this time so I am ready. Glad to be back!!

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Hello Cindy,

Nice to have you back with us again!

You can do it this time!:D

Hi Cindy

sooooooooooooooo pleased to have you back were you belong HEHEHE

Rock on girl linda xxxx

Yay Cindy :D


Soooooo glad to have you back :)

Wishing you all the luck and best for an easy quit for ya x x

~Buffy x x


Today is where your book begins,the rest is still unwritten. You can do this !!!

Hi Karen

Hows things with you what day you at now and did you enjoy your holiday Linda xxxx

Karen :D

Good to see you x x x x

hope your feeling better!! :(

~Buffy x x

Glad you have decided to come and join us again! Nice to have you back :D You can do it!

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