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days 12 and 13

Hi all! Although I did'nt believe they would at first, things are slowly getting better. Had not one single craving yesterday and have'nt so far today on day thirteen :) I't's just a case of riding the storm when things get a bit difficult knowing that a "crave-free" day is probably just round the corner. Thanks and a big hug to everyone on the forum for your continued support, I don't think I would have come this far without you guys.


Thankyou everyone!

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Well done! It's really great to hear that you're going ok. Just remember that if you do get a craving it'll pass quickly - sometimes when you haven't had one for a while they take you by surprise and seem worse than they really are. Not that I'm saying you will get any as you like you say, things are getting better!



Well done Bella

You have come so far already and will never have to do all those 13 days again cos they're done and finished. Each new day is one which may bring some cravings but it is also a day further which severs the chains of the nicotene prison we have all found ourselves in. Each day is another step to FREEDOM - KEEP GOING GIRL COS THE SUN IS CALLING YOU ON!!



YAHOOOO!!! That is great that you sailing along so nicely. Keep it up and when days get rough come on the forum and tell us about it....We are always here to listen - good or bad....

SUPER JOB!!!!!!!! :D


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