No Smoking Day

Day 13

I seem to have been stuck in week 2 for soooooo long. Am v much looking forward to wednesday when I can finally move into week 3 - hope you guys are getting a room ready for me.

Day 11 (sat) was quite bad. Had a massive argument with my dad and the temptation to buy cigs when I was driving home in a right strop was massive. Somehow got through sat night without giving in though. Had a great day out at Donington yesterday and didn't give smoking much thought. A couple of the people I was with are smokers and all I thought when they lit up was how nice I smell! Instead of wishing I could join them I gave the bf a big kiss to celebrate not tasting like an ashtray anymore.

So it's not going too badly, but I still seem to be thinking about it far too much.

Hope everyone's doing ok. Hx

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Its early days yet you still think about it because its been a big part of your life but it will get better. Very well done for not caving saterday you should be proud. So glad you had great day out nice treat. Two weeks 2moro your a true star LInda xxx Ps my son stopped drinking the day you stopped smoking wish you both all the best sucsses


I suppose it's natural to still be thinking about smoking - it's something I've done pretty much every day for over half of my life (and I'm only 28!) Most of the time when I do think about it now it's not as something that I really want to do. It's just frustrating that I can't get the thought out of my head.

Oh well, still early days. It will be the end of week 2 tomorrow and it is getting easier, there's definitely less cravings and the ones that I get go pretty quickly. I'm just so impatient!!


Well Done H for getting through that Saturday night :(

And big ashtray free snogeroonies :D

how cool is that?! :p

2 Weeks tomorrow well done x x x x

Stay strong ~Buffy x x

Ooooh Linda x x x x

So pleased to hear your son has come this far!!!

You must be feeling a lot more relaxed now!!


~Buffy x x


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