No Smoking Day


;) hi everyone

i reached 2 full months of not smoking on the 1st of september and have now unpacked my bags and moved into the month 3 room!

im doing ok! life is very stressful at the moment and i still have not managed to have a good full nights sleep since giving up, but im hanging in there and keeping on track! hope your all ok, ive not been on for a while so ill have to have a read so i can catch up on whats been happening.

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Great Job!!!! 201

Keep it up, you are doing excellent. I was having a hard time sleeping as well, but I am starting to sleep through the night now. I had to take gravol to fall asleep for the first 3 or 4 nights. When life gets stressful just remember that smoking will complicate things even more. :D Stay Strong!


I am starting to sleep through the night now

Aw Bless lol sounds like a newborn :D hehe

Wish my kids managed it as quick :o

Seriously x x I am glad NS4m 'Cos sleeplessness is 'orrible!!



2 whole months :eek:

Way to go x x

Very pleased for you x x you must be feeling pretty good ;)

~Buffy x x


Lol - it is terrible when we can't sleep. Feels much better when you get full rest. :D


Hi Destiny,

Well done on the two months! fantastic!

I can't sleep either, that why i'm on here now, I am only on 1 month so still got a way to go by the sounds of it!

It will be worth it in the end though, keep up the good work,

Befly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:D :D


Awww Befly ~ You are further along than I am and you are still sleepless....that is terrible. I hope you soon sleep...and feel better soon. Try having a nice warm bubble bath before bed, that might help to relax your muscles. Good Luck :)


Your doing great Destiny! Glad to see your still on the quit wagon.


thanks everyone

hey great to hear from you smokeless in canada! glad your still going strong.:D


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