No Smoking Day

omg day 3!

Yeaterday was really tough in the am but things def got easier as the day progressed. Feel the same this am but just gonna blitz our flat (my wife won't know whats going on!) and keep myself busy. Back to work on nightshift tomorrow which will be interesting as I always used to rely on the little buggers to get me through those 12hr shifts. Anyhoo keep smiling peeps,


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Well done Richard.

Do you want to come to my house and tidy up too??:D :D

You may have to plan ahead with going back to work. I know i relied on the cigs to take a break, and my partner used to work 12 hours shifts so i can imagine you need something to look forward to to break up the day/night.

Plan your snacks or something else to keep you occupied in break times, how about sudoku!!!


Hi Richard

Well done for getting to day 3 and you're a top man for cleaning the house. When you go back to work i agree with Chocco that you need some good snacks and things to take your mind away from the smokes. I would make sure the snacks are ones you enjoy rather than ones you think you should have. Have you access to a computer/laptop coz you can always come and see us her if you have.

Well done again.




Well done, keep up the good work and just keep taking deep breaths when you feel the urge to smoke, its working for me and I seem to get by on it.

Good Luck :D


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