Day 2, boo hoo!

Woke up this morning and within 5 mins all i could think about is ciggys. Been here before tho, just need to get through this next couple of weeks and it does start to get easier if i remember correctly. Been quite emotional this am as well, anyone else get like that? Its weird although i know its not true and its the ciggys talking i really have this feeling like i can never enjoy myself again without them (i.e. the pub, my mates houses, meals etc.)

Oh well just got to keep myself busy today, the gym really helped yesterday so think i'll head down there again later.

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  • Cheers Boudee, i know its the little ciggy monster talking in my brain making me feel these things. I was chatting with my Dad the week before i quit and he said he felt the same way (he stopped around 1.5 years ago) but now can enjoy a pint/meal just like he used to. Just got to use the force and remain strong!!

  • Hi Richard, I know exactly what you mean.. that feeling of intense loss and nothing will be any fun ever again. What do you do after a meal, with a drink, chatting with mates? After all, if you're anything like me, you may never have had a meal or a drink as an adult without the fag afterwards! Funny but we don't have the experience to know what to do instead..

    At 15 days, I'm finding that the sense of loss is diminishing.. it's slow but it's there. Hopefully, when you get through the first week or so, it'll start to get much easier. hope so. Good luck. Keep strong.:)

  • LOL - Steveh... you are on day 16!!! I am on day 15!! Don't short yourself, silly man! :p

  • Thanks NS4M, will you be my Guardian of the Days? :D

    I am completely useless at this keeping track business.:confused:

  • Here I sit...Counting Steveh's days!


  • I found the picture and then i opened it in photoshop and added my own words lol.

  • Hahaha that's brilliant no smoke :D x x

  • I'm happy to know that my destiny (at least the accountancy part) is in such good hands.. the overstuffed armchair enveloping you NS4M inspires confidence:D:D What a partnership.. My brawns (ploughing) and your brains (keeping count) .. perfect;)

  • Yahhh we are such a great team :D Thanks for the extra nicked stars Bou! :p

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