No Smoking Day

confused!!! help

im going to be 8 weeks smoke free from tomorrow (sunday) and will be entering the start of week 9. do i then move into month 3? as although months are usually classed 4weekly i will officially have reached 2 months done on the 1st of september as i quit on 1st july. should i then enter month 3 then or enter it after tomorrow :confused: :confused: :confused: lol ! ! !


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Lol 'sup to you ;)

Some go by 4th weeks

Others calender months!!

The 24hr question is ..... :rolleyes:

What will you decide to do :confused:

Tune in tomorrow and find out what destiny decides!!

"da da daaaaa" (suspense music!)



HI Destiny

Well done on your 8 weeks good for you girl do as you feel I wait till the date is right what you think Buffy is 6 full months monday think we should give her a party 27 feb till 27 aug way to go Buff linda xxx


Thanks linda x x

I did blip!! but i say to everyone that it's just a moment of weakness and can't be responsible for eliminating all the hard work done x x

so I will take the 6 months thanks Linda x x

Will decorate the room just how you want 'cos you will be right behind me x x


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