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Day 7

Day 7 almost over, I woke up this morning feeling spectacularly happy and fine :) Yesterday too it was such an easy day, I never felt any serious cravings. Today it was even better - I used to smoke much less in the weekend than during the working week, so weekends might be easier for that reason. I know that my body is improving and getting better - don't laugh, I have even apologized to my internal organs for poisoning them for such a crazy long time :rolleyes:

Still. I would be fooling myself and all of you if I now said I have no interest whatsoever in the idea of having a sigarette anymore. I'm just in this phase where 'carpe diem' is my motto. I live day by day, enjoying the new sensations and the fact that breaking this addiction is also breaking a few boring routines - I mean that everything looks different and is kind of exciting now, each day can be different, every old activity becomes kind of new, heck I feel like a new born or something :p

One thing: is it normal to still think about smoke and cigarettes - not necessarily as in "smoking cigarettes" - 90% of the day?!?

Thanks for the support, everyone. This forum is a treasure :)

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:eek: carpe diem

That's my family motto!!! I don't mean my kids and I !!

I mean from tracing back our family tree!! :D

Seize the day, Latin!!

That made me sit up !!!

Wow!! lollol

One thing: is it normal to still think about smoke and cigarettes - not necessarily as in "smoking cigarettes" - 90% of the day?!?

Totally normal x x

Cigarettes were a big part of your life!! Like a good friend,

when you fall out with a friend because they are no longer good for you.

You don't stop thinking about them do you? they are always in your mind somewhere.

Like losing a friend the thoughts will become less but you will never forget!!

Well Done on achieving your first week as a non smoker

I hope you treat yourself to something special x x

x x ~Buffy x x


Hi Francesca

I know what you mean about the 90%.

One becomes obsessed about smoking!!!

I like to think that I think about it less, but it is still there everyday.

You think you're getting there but it still occasionally feels like the first day!!!:eek:

Just keep it up.

I cannot believe that I have done 56 days.

It can be done! U can do it

:) :)


Well done Francesca

7 days omg that went so fast well done girl your doing great Linda xxxx


Well done Francesca, 127

You are going great guns honey, Just take one day at a time and the days will soon turn into weeks.

Stay strong and keep posting,

Befly x x:)


Thanks for all the support and help guys, I'm really touched, I would like to hug you all :)

As far as today, I'm going to post in Day 8 ...


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