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Got this from an old friend of mine who lives in Sweden, thought I'd share it as it might be useful to others too..

Delighted that you have stopped smoking and I hope that you will continue to fight against, and triumph over, the addiction that may deceptively portray hardcore withdrawal as "boredom". The worst thing that can happen is for you to buy this trivialised distortion that minimises how heroic what you are doing really is. I'm very impressed.

There may be moments where you feel the problem has been sorted and that falling back and having just one cigarette in a social situation - just to help create a more congenial atmosphere, of course - would not be a real problem, but that's the form that temptation will take once the PHYSICAL addiction has waned. The main intellectual jump is to realise that you have an addictive personality and to honour that while finding harmless outlets for it.

Addictive personality? Moi?

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Very wise words from a wise friend!!


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