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Oh Dear :(:(:(:(

I had a whoopsie last night on the way back from gettin my partner from work, we had a stupid argument got really stressed and had a fag, i feel so dirty and stupid. admittingly i got silk cut silver cause i knew they were basically like smoking air, but thats not the point...i gave in to temptation, i dint finish the whole fag i had 4 puffs of it, made me feel sick, disgusted and smelly. I put it out, smelt my fingers and was like "ergh" gagged and now i am more determined to stop. Its made me really realise how horrible those things are..

Ergh i feel like i let you all down, but mostly i know ive let my self down :(

But back on tracknow and wrong word, i WILL NOT DO IT AGAIN :)

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AWESOME - you are still AWESOME!!

The fact that you've not succumbed and got back in the saddle shows how determined you are to succeed. Well done and what an inspiration to others.

Take a deep breath - and have a great day - you can do this.


(Oh and if you want a part in my story (in general) just let me know)


your an inspiration as well, you have it a lot harder than i have, all the problems i have with cravings and a boss that thinks he is god (not joking he actually does) they are nothing compared to what you deal with day in day out. You are doing wonders for this group on here, giving us all strength and confidence and saying how well we are all doing when in your words, YOU ARE AWSOME too :)


Hey, awsw2005 - I think most people have a blip don't they? What's important is that you didn't like the taste or smell!! How brilliant is that!?

Hope you patched it all up with your partner...

As for having a boss who thinks he's god... He can't be.. I am!:D



Nothing but another step forward as a new lesson is learned!!

Now that thought of a 'lovely fag' can be banished !! now you know it's horrible smelly and makes you feel sick!!

Crazy to think we were putting our bodies through that repeatedly every day!! :eek:

No wonder it makes us soooo ill in the end!

Chin up x x ~Buffy x x



I almost gave in to the craving on my 7th day but i didn't cause I was sooo scared! It was the same feeling I had before I had my first cig ever. Thinking about it forever - should I or shouldn't I?!!! LOL!!! My choice was NOOOOOO!!! So thank god - I have not had a blip yet and hopefully i never will, but i know the feeling of 'almost' that's forsure.

I am soooo proud of you for admitting your whoops and letting us know so we can help you out of your rut feeling. Stay strong! Back on your horse :D


Hi awsw2005,

Hope you are doing ok now! Considering giving up nicotine has been likened to quitting Heroin then it is no wonder people can stumble. As long as you stay strong in yourself you can do it!

Christof. :cool:


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