No Smoking Day
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Hi all,

Have made it through week 1 and have made it onto this thread without a single slip up! Have been tempted but have had good support so haven't had too much of a problem.

I still occasionally feel sick on the Champix (well at least every other day) but apart from that I feel good! Hope I can keep this up!

Have also entered for the Liverpool Coprorate Cup with some guys from work next month so start traning tonight! Wish me luck!

Christof :cool:

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Heya Christof!!

Most excellent :D

With the running and all, the days will pass by faster and easier!!

You have come so far x x

There will still be ups and downs, each down will pass faster, each high will be higher :)

~Buffy x x


Well done .climbed up here too,day 9.No going back now


Good on you Justin x x x x

Well done :)

'No going back now'

:D stay positive! and strong ~Buffy x x


Well done M8 no going back now i will be posting in here myself in a couple of days:)


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