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Day 2 On Champix

Hi All,

On Day 2 now. Stop Day should have been day before yesterday but didn't really feel the Champix kicking in until yesterday LOL!

Like a lot of you out there, am eating for England but trying to make up for this by walking at lunch time. Feeling really tired at the moment but remember this from last time I tried on Zyban. :rolleyes: , this could be to do with my partner's snoring and my having the most bizarre dreams ever and actually remembering them!!

Out tonight with the girls and am now really grateful for the smoking ban here!

Will see you all on Day 3!


Sweetanimo :p

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Good to hear from you sweetanimo x x x x

Grats on biting the bullet and quitting!! :D

Have a stress free and smoke free fun filled night x x x x

Stay strong and keep posting x x ~Buffy x x


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