Day 2 Champix

Hi everyone, I took my first dose of Champix yesterday. Not sure what the effect is yet. I am currently coping with going back on my heart meds after a 2 week period without them (my own fault) and so going through Nicorandyl headaches and feeling worn out. So not sure if the fact that I spent most of yesterday in bed was due to Champix. Will take dose 2 at 9a.m. today so we will see what happens. Popped out just now to Tesco Express to get a few bits just in case the sleepy thing hits, but right now feeling OK. Have set my quit date as the same day I am due to step up to two tabs, but open to bringing that forward if the tabs make me feel I can do it sooner. Have been smoking on and off 40 years, off course the off periods are never as long as the on periods! But the last one was a recent year without! Then faced a bit of a personal crisis and went straight back to smoking. Am determined but nervous, when I went back to smoking I hit 20 a day real fast and the first thing I do in the morning is reach for a ciggy. Glad I found this forum, looking back at old posts it seems a very supportive place. Best wishes to all out there.

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  • This is probably a rhetorical question, but I am wondering if this Champix really works as fast as I seem to be expereincing? After I had busied myself with housework and then took a nap I woke up without the usual craving for a cigarette. Then just now I thought I would have one, it wasn't a longing, I almost felt I pushed myself to it. Smoked half and it started to taste funny. It was kind of like when I was pregnant and couldn't stand the taste or smell of cigs. Anyway put it out and am happy to think this drug might actually work. I shan't be pushing myself to smoke after that, if I don't have the desire I am just going to try and leave it. Early days, so forgive enthusiasm, I know its going to get rough as I get further into this but trying to have a positive attitude and go for success!

  • hiya to be honest with u my quit day is day 10 /today/but only last 2 days i could really feel it kicking in,in sense i didnt fancy a smoke.i think its different for everyone and for some it starts earlier but u will soon find that u dont crave them that much and its just habbit.i started getting bit nervous towards end of the week but then i couldnt master half of cig without feeling real sick and dizzy and i couldnt taste much of it will definitely work,give it time and when u feel its right set ur date.might feel bit more tired than usual or sick but stick with it,it will be worth in the end.we ll get there:D

  • oh yeah and u if u already feel they taste funny thats great !dont be stubborn like me and carry on smoking out of habit,i could of probably cut down bit more during 1st week but kept pushing myself.when u think ur ready choose ur quit day,move it forward if its kicking in,never too early to kick this addiction.

  • Thanks passenger, am certainly feeling the tiredness but I am in a good position where I don't work and so I can give in to it and sleep if I need.

  • Well today is the day I said I would quit the cigs, the day I go up to 2 Champix a day, but to be honest I'm not feeling enough effect from the tabs. I still have a desire, though not the rampant craving. So not really sure what to do. Feel I am kinda P*****g in the wind saying this, well maybe its the Champix making me feel this way, anyway, plod on and wait for something to happen. All I can say so far is my throat feels sore, I am tired and keep having weird dreams.

  • Hi Justsayno

    I didn't give up till day 13 of Champix and I am on day 4 of not smoking. I was begining to think they weren't working for me and having been a 40+ smoker for over 35 years I thought I was going to stay a smoker. Then out of the blue on day 12 I only had about 4 so I decided the time had come. My sister is using them too and she kept going till day 14 and is on day 2 of not smoking. Listen to your body............everyone is different and you will know when the time is right for you.

    I was begining to feel like I was doing something wrong or had failed as everyone else seemed to have stopped quite quickly into taking the champix but now I'm glad I kept going and did it when I felt it was the right time for me as I think I would have failed if I had tried to stop earlier than I did.

    Hope this is of help and makes sense.

    Carol x

  • Hi Carol, many thanks for the support, I have been feeling a bit 'afloat' today, kind of out there on a limb, a bit like a castaway on an island in the middle of a vast ocean and not a soul in sight! Taking the pills and sitting there saying to myself 'ok so what's next'? But I guess in a way I am just wanting to get started but can't do it without the props. Funny this morning I was thinking what if I threw out the ciggs and got some nicotene gum while I'm waiting for this Champix to kick in. Guess I just have to be patient. Its good to hear that you have been able to reach day 2 of not smoking after a heavy and long smoking habit, well done. Stay strong....I need some inspiration out there. :)

    I thought I was getting some effect on day 2 but I think it was wishful thinking. OK I will hang in there and just keep reading others posts and keep positive.

    Many thanks and well done you and your sis.


  • Keep Going!

    Hi Justsayno

    Im now on day 5 of Champix still not feeling any side affects from them and was starting to wonder if I was doing something wrong, I was saying the same thing as you this morning, when are these tablets going to kicking in. I still have the desire to smoke, they still taste the same and I havent notice any decrease in the amount im smoking, but im plodding on and hoping over the next few days I will start to feel different.

    Keep going. xx

  • Hi Wobbles, so we r in the same boat! Yes I'm going to keep going, I've read some nice stories here of success and how well people are doing and I just want to be up there, smoke free, not puffing my way up the stairs, waking up having mad breathless coughing fits at night and not looking at my dwindling bank account and knowing a good part of it went up in smoke!!!!

    Thanks for the encouragement, its nice not to feel so alone out there :)

  • Day 7 on Champix, all quiet on the western front, still surrounded by the enemy (ciggs) and waiting to start stopping! Heyho, go up to stronger dose tomorrow so hoping for lessening of desire for cigs thereafter. Did smoke 3 less cigs yesterday, so maybe things are on the move. Am trying to reach for the chewing gum instead of a ciggy so I can to get the will power working. Yesterday on a couple of occassions I reached for the gum, missed and grabbed a biscuit instead! Got to watch that or buffalo bum here I come!

  • Hi Justsayno :D

    Day 7 of champix and already you're smoking a bit less well done

    The need to smoke will decrease quite quickly now until you really won't want to smoke anymore

    Also don't fret to much about reaching for the biscuits or wahatever we nearly all do this to some extent but a few extra pounds is far better than the fags Promise and you can remove them as well later on

    After about 6 months the body stabilises the need to eat so much and it will come off anyway but most of us seem to eat less long before that time and exercise will help to keep the gain down as well


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Hi, today its day 8 and the first day of 1mg tabs. So just taking my first now. Got all sorts of plans for the day, want to clear out my bedroom and reorganise everything, have a general polish and hoover through and if I get time bake some home made biscuits! Ok, well lets see how far I get bearing in mind the potential dizzy side effect. Check back in later.

  • Hi Justsayno :D

    Hope your plans for today work out for you and you started the higher dose today as well

    Now it will really start to kick in and the need to smoke will really dwindle quickly just go with how you feel OK


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Marg and thanks for encouragement, got my stuff done this morning and was feeling ok, bit weary, so am off to lay down for an hour and then see how it goes. Haven't smoked much but been too busy to think of it, not exactly craving, and been trying to chew gum instead anyway. What's good is I feel I am actually close to quitting now, really want to get going on this!

  • Hi Justsayno :D

    So you managed to get everything done good

    Hope you enjoyed the nap and that everythings going well

    Also pleased to hear you feel close to quitting I can fully understand you wanting to get on with it now but don't rush it I stopped on day 10 but some stop earlier and some later just see how you feel OK


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Wooooooohooooo Champix Kicking in!!!!

    Woohoooooo...... Day 9 of Champix and this is how its been today so far....everytime I light up I take two puffs and think 'yuk I don't like this' and put it out!!!!! Strange thing is I am having to replace it with something because the habit side of 'doing something with my mouth' is still there but I am happy enough just to chew gum. Oh boy I am sooooo happy this stuff is kicking in at last. I know there is still a lot of work to do but oh boy I am really wanting to quit and after all the fearing this stuff wasn't going to work for me....can you tell I am relieved. :D

  • Hi Justsayno :D

    I'm so pleased to read this from you so the champix has really kicked in now for you and you're lighting a fag and putting it after a couple of puffs that's great news

    Yes I can tell how relieved you are and I'm so happy for you as you say there will still be hard work ahead but you can do it and you may be lucky and sail through quite easily it does happen I think I told you that I had very few real craves with it


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Hi Day 11 Champix, barely wanting to smoke, in fact I would say I dont actually want to smoke, all it is really is the habitual thing of when I get up, after I have eaten and when I am doing certain things. I've been chewing gum instead and so far today I only attempted to smoke once.....after breakfast and then it was two puffs and then out. Haven't bothered after lunch and just happy with my gum (ordinary not nicotene!)

    Have felt more poorly today though, my mistake I took the champix before breakfast and within an hour I was feeling super nauseated. Its still with me a bit, barely ate any lunch. Also keep coming over sweaty and feeling like I am getting a fever, but I am sure this will all pass and I think its worth a bit of inconvenience to be able to leave off the cigs. I really think tomorrow has to be my quit day, now its really not even worth trying to smoke, it feels more like I am just trying to do it, certainly not enjoying it. So tomorrow I will post a new thread Day 1 Not Smoking! Time to move into the big league!!!! :D

  • Hi

    I hope you are feeling better now - let us know how it's going - it's really helpful for those of us a few days behind you!

  • Justsayno - Are you still there????

    Hi Justsayno

    I have been looking for you but you havent been on for a while are you still with us? how are you getting on with the Champix .... you should be on day 6 smoke free same as me, hope your ok, log in and let me know how your doing.

    Wobbles xx

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