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No Smoking Day
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Day 2 - Champix Related..

Hi! I'm on day 11 of champix, and on my second day of not smoking. It's all going okay, I don't have the usual climbing the walls feeling of not smoking, but I really really want one.

The champix, well, I haven't had as bad of an experience as others (I've even read stories online about people terrorizing their families and punching their best friends :eek: ! ). But, I'm convinced it's making me extremely emotional and paranoid. I'm always kind of tearful, something really small can set me off easy like a song, or even thinking about the song, I'm just emotional/paranoid about everything, and seem to be having more frequent rows with the boyfriend.

Is anyone else more emotional and is it causing problems between you and loved ones?

But I've just got to think to myself, 12 weeks of being a blubbering wreck for a lifetime of better health and more money.

It has been rather nice to get money and not to have to think, oh, I'll have to put that aside for some cigs.

Hope you are all keeping up the good work and wishing you the best of luck! :D

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And, I was wondering, can a ex-fulltime smoker (20 a day) ever become a social smoker? Everyone I am friends with/associate with (other than the bf, who detests smoking) smokes when drunk/going out/at parties, will I ever be able to do that, smoke about 10 a weekend and none at other times/weekdays/not out, or am I now a total non-smoker forever (unless I relapse, which I hope I don't).


'But I've just got to think to myself, 12 weeks of being a blubbering wreck for a lifetime of better health and more money.'

If you're having any doubts then you've answered your own question !

I'm cold turkey so can't comment on champix, but try convincing yourself whatever side effects you're having they're better than the consequences of smoking.

Family and friends are surprisingly understanding because they too know the good that you're doing.

Keep it up, you can always come in here for a moan/cry !


'can a ex-fulltime smoker (20 a day) ever become a social smoker?'

In my opinion, no.

I think if you've never been a full time smoker you can take up the habit for a night out then forget you ever smoked, the problem with ex smokers (full time) is that the habit/addiction whatever you want to call it, is always burried away at the back of your mind.

I gave up for around 6 months a few years ago and when out with the boys (funny reference because we're all 40-45 !) I would smoke the odd cigar without inhaling.

Of course there are still mouth/oral problems this can cause but I used it as a kind of reward for not smoking cigarettes, a kind of weekly treat.

It worked well for me and when I eventually caved in it wasn't related to smoking cigars, though this time I'd really prefer to become a proper non smoker.

Best of luck !


Morning Jess and welcome

I read those horror stories about Champix also! Scary.

I went from 2 pills to 1 within a month and by 6 weeks I was off completely. I do think that the pills affected me, but I do not know to what degree. Quitting in general screws us up in every way. By reading the forum, you will see that by any method, all are complaining of libido, bowel, sleep, memory, skin, mood disorders.....Bloody hell, why did we ever start!!!!!!

I would not self diagnose Jess; if you are having problems, go and see the doctor before you play with your dosage or go off the tablets.

By the way Jess, we all dream of being social smokers; a very, very, miniscule, almost non existant number of people can go to being social smokers, but I think I would be better off buying lottery tickets than counting on that.

A few people Jess manage to quit smoking as easily as batting their eyes; those people should buy lottery tickets also. It is not an easy ride, but I can easily say, for me, it has been a worthwhile ride.




In the links there is a Champix Social Group; whilst it may not always be active, it is a great part of the site to sit and read for info re champix



Ok on day 10 have have give my last cigs away this morning, i have no interest in them whatsoever. The achy eyes have gone and the nausea has vanished. I must admit i am very very low and misrable and my poor husband i cant speak to at the moment for fear of ripping his head off!. But hopefuly i will return to normal when i come off them. I would have been misrable and ripped his head off if i had been cold turkey.


I agree too.

I myself, have times when i think if i go for a night out with friends i would be lovely to just be 'normal' and 'relax' without having to think before i do everything. To be able to drink too much and really let my hair down...:rolleyes:

Then at more logical times i think, why do i have to have an expensive, smelly, toxic white stick hanging out my mouth to be able to feel 'normal' and 'relaxed'?

I am eagerly awaiting the time when i can have one too many drinks and not feel as though something is missing and end up caving in.

I really have to be careful with myself.

I do drink. I made sure i quit realistically so have always had a drink at the weekend, but i am unable (still) to just completely 'relax'. :o

Right... now i know i have contradicted myself but i hope you understand what i'm trying to say lol. ;)


I tried social smoking for a couple of months after quitting for 2 years, in the end something that stressed me out made me go straight to the shops to buy a packet and have been smoking ever since.

You are obviously missing them and now panicking that you will never smoke again - I have done this in my many quitting attempts. I think the trick is to take each day as it comes.

When your out and you feel the need to smoke, just think I'll have one in an hour, keep putting it off until the evening has gone by and your back home, then it doesnt feel as bad.

Good luck;)


Forgot to add, when I'm drinking and not smoking I put a straw in the drink - even if its a pint of larger lol - that seems to help me


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