No Smoking Day
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wow 48 days

Hi all,

well 48days as a non smoker i cant believe it.

I hope everyone is coping with their own personal nico demon.

I dont feel so tired now so hopefully thats passed, still suffering from wind but that might just be me?

Still managing to get to the gym in the mornings but still cant seem to shift any weight my stomach seems so bloated and had to buy bigger jeans, i was so pleased when i managed to drop 4" of my waist so i treated myself to some new jeans, and now i have had to buy bigger ones blast.

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well done, hearing from people like you really gives me motorvation to carry on woohoo :)

Im feeling so positive about givin up this time.

i long for the day where i dont think of them horrible fire sticks lol:D


Excellent news, bloody good stuff. Im on 26 days and terribly chuffed but you must be over the moon. Well done and keep up the good work :)


46 days!!!


i know how u feel shelfish, i cant believe i am at 46 days :D i think the moments, craves whatever you call them are getting less, but there still are times when u have to be careful and not get too complacent, nic is always there to leap on you at these times. Im sure if we stick this out, he (nic) will get bored with us and pick on some other unlucky ba####d !!!

Awsw ~ stay positive!!!!! keep reading this forum, im sure that how i have got this far :cool:

Funkmunk ~ you are doing soooo well :)

my husband is at day 46 as well as me, he is getting fed up with the bloating .... when does that go away??/ does anyone know?????

anyway take care and keep smiling:)


Morning Sandie x x

46 days!! Well done! thats a great achievement you and Mr sandie must be well chuffed!

Time for a celebratory romantic meal out I reckon!, all that money saved!!

Won't help the bloating though :D hehehehe I am unsure when the bloating goes exactly but I would say around 6 months for your body to settle to it's non smoking form!

~Buffy x x


boom chug a lug

Ive just noticed i have become a senior member does that mean that i am an old git


Could be lol

xxxx Pupalup xxxxx


Well done Sandie and shell your both racing along congrats to you both Linda xxx


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