No Smoking Day

Day 45

Hello everyone,

On Day 45 and more determined than ever.

Stepped down to 14mg patch on Sunday.

My dad definetly has lung and liver cancer. If he takes care of himself, he can expect to live for another 2-5 years. He starts chemo on Friday but I find it very difficult to see him change his lifestyle. Smoking and drinking are his life and he doesn't know how to do anything else.

Haven't heard anymore news from my sister about my nephew. My mums gone down to hers to look after my niece while they're at Great Ormond St.

On a happier note. My wife took a pregnancy test yesterday which was positive. I'd been a bit careless again and should of learnt my lesson from giving up last time. Obviously early days yet but am excited yet terrified.

As for me, I'm still in sorting mode. I'm still rushing round the house tidying those bits that need sorting. Looks like I could be decorating the spare room for a possible impending little one. Probably looking at moving my son to the bigger spare room and changing his room into a nursery (fingers crossed).

Buffy, Sorry to hear that you're having problems at the moment. My thoughts are with you.

Boudee, Where's that pic of you!;) I'm waiting:D

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Barney, sor sorry to hear about your Dad, hope all goes well. Also your nephew, Gt Ormand Street is a great hospital.

On a better note congrats, how many will that be now. Stay strong, keep tidying.

xxxx Pupalup xxxxxx:)


If all goes well, it will be number 2 for us. There will be a good 2 years between them which is a good difference I think.

Thank you for your kind words. Just got to keep positive.


Hi Barney

So very sorry about your Dads sad news My Step Dad had same news a few weeks ago. Really hope you have some positive news from your sister love to all your family.

Congrats to your self and Mrs Barney thats fab news some extra reson to keep smoke free well done to you both Love Linda xxx


Sorry to hear about your Dad Barney. My Dad died from lung cancer in '91. You would think I would of stopped smoking then but I didn't. I understand what you are going thru and will put you in my prayers. Congrats on the possible new baby! Sounds like there is some good news in with all the bad stuff. We all are here for you!


Barney x x x

Sorry i missed this post >_< Ignore my message in myspace as i see the answers now D'uh

I am sorry to hear about your Dad x x x I don't think he will change either x x x

2-5 years is not a great prognosis and stubburn ol' men like that don't change (My father was the same but alcohol not smoking, he died of cancer of the liver day after turning 57)

He was given the 2-5 thing too and i pestered him and moaned etc but he didnt change, now i wish hadn't of been such a pest, we could of enjoyed a few drinks together rather than being at war about it!

It was immenent so 1 happy year is better than 5 years of struggling.

Hope all goes well at GOSH I have everything crossed for your nephew x x x

And as for you, your Wife and Son :eek:


I am sooooooo excited and happy for you both, It is great to hear the whole good bad thing is balancing out!

Thinking of you and proud of your strength

~Buffy x x


Hi barney Im sorry to hear about your dad, ur family has really been put through the mill recently.

Your nephew is still in my thoughts and prayers and I hope he will get better.

Congratulations on finding out your'e gonna be a daddy again, thats great news!

you must be so excited!

Thinking of you and your family, Charlene. :)


come on boudee Im gonna try and find one to post later and yours cant possibly be worse than mine! we will do it together and give em a really good scare!:eek:


On account of what? :confused:

:D hehehehehehe :D


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