Really worried

Hi guys,

Im really worried about mr charlene at the mo as you know we quit together, thing is he has been coughing up blood in his phlegm, and I am very concerned.

He has had pnemonia two years ago, he has asthma, and he has really suffered this year with allergies.

Even so this doesnt seem normal to me.

He has promised faithfully to go to the docs on thursday, but Im so scared of what the doc will tell him, I havent shown him Im worried coz I dont want him to be scared so Ive been like "oh youll be fine its probably a mixture of your asthma,hayfever, old pneumonia scars and giving up". This seems to of put his mind at rest, but meanwhile Im secretly shitting bricks.

Dont know what Ill do if anything happens to him, he does my head in but I still love the idiot, bless him.

Hope Im getting worked up over nothing, we'll see soon though eh?

Ill keep you posted.

Thanks for listening, Charlene.

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  • ps I didnt know and he said he didnt want to worry me but the blood thing has been going on a while.........

  • Hi Charlene

    Sorry to hear about hubby sure he will be fine but make sure he gets to see doc please let us know be thinking of you both Love Linda xxxx

  • Charlene

    As Boudee says is it bright red, if so could well be little vessels breaking, but he should have gone to Drs straight away, please keep us all informed on how he is. We are all hear from you. Stay strong.


    xxxx Pupalup xxxx

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