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No Smoking Day
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day 41

hi everyone,

feeling a bit sad today , been getting some pains in my sides and back (rib level) like those you expect after smoking far more then you usually would on those party nights out! (except i have not smoked one puff) just feeling like im missing something, feeling lost . oh i dont know just having a bad day i guess. i keep getting really miserable and i am starting to wonder if im ever gonna stop it? im getting anoid with my own mood swings. i do have good days but still far too many moods for even me to cope with goodness knows what my hubbie and children think of me.

now im feeling even more awful for my me me me atitude after reading barneys post (now thats real reason to feel sad) not my grumpiness over the fact i cant have a cigg no more. so im gonna give myself a kick up the a*s* and learn to "DEAL WITH IT!" as qouted many a time by tracey in big brother 8 lol. now im gonna go find something i can stuff my face with, i unfortunatly have not been able to find any food patches in the shops yet haha.

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hi ya destiny,

Sorry to hear you are feeling down today, I suppose we will all get days like that but you are doing so well, you have to stay strong.

Are you using NRT or champix or are you cold turkey?

Is there any chance your mood swings could be hormonal and not due to smoking?

Anyway stay strong and keep your chin up, you have come such a long way and it would be a shame to give in now!

I am only on day 8 so I can't help you much but we are all here to support each other.

Befly x x:) :)


hi befly

thanks for your reply. im using patches , im on the lowest ones now. i cant stand the stink of smoke anymore and i dont physically feel the urge to pick one up and light it, but i still get this problem with the association of having one, i kind of get that feeling that i want something and no matter what i stuff down my throat its still there so its obviosly nicotene. i dont get upset about not smoking on a day to day basis but cant help thinking of the dreaded thought of never being able to have one (that upsets me) and i know i should not think about that but cant help it sometimes. its mad i cant explain properly how i feel but i should imagine many will beable to understand and relate to it.

i would sound mad if i said im upset i cant smoke even though i dont even fancy one. but thats kind of how it is lol maybe i am going mad lmao.


No your not going mad at all!

When i gave up about a year ago, I didn't have one for 3 months and i started again for those reasons and not coz i really needed one. It is just the fact that we miss them for some weird reason. This is what we have to get our heads round, it is so stupid coz we know all the reasons why we wanted to stop.

Don't let all that hard work you've done go to waste, stay strong and keep focused on what you were aiming for, a smoke free life!

Befly x x:) :)


HI Destiny

Know what your taking about and was only telling boudee thats how I still feel on and off she said it do go alltogether with time so we just need to ride it out. Its like an itch you cant scratch but nothing as bad as the first craves we had. We will win this together Love Linda xxx


thanks for the support

you both smoked 40 a day for 30 plus years, you must be so proud of yourselfs at how well you are doing. i smoked around 20 a day and i smoked for 20 years! im finding it really hard at times, you guys are brilliant, how many quit attempts have you had? i have had one previous one last year, i have doubled the length of time of that one.


hi ya,

Over the years i suppose i have given up about 6 times, tried hypnosis and patches and gum and alan carr.

I am on champix and it seems the best thing so far!

I was married to someone who smoked for 28 years and the last 7 years i wasn't very happy. I am now with someone who doesn't smoke, which does make it easier to quit. I am much happier now so hopefully it will be easier, although because he doesn't smoke he doesn't really know how hard it is to stop but he does try bless him!

When you think about it because i started when i was 12 and i am now 44 that is 32 years of my life that i have had a ciggie in my hand and only 12 years of my life without one, no wonder we find it hard to change the habit as it is nearly a habit of a lifetime isnt it?

Anyway i am waffling on too much now,

stay strong and we can all beat it!

Befly x xx


Hi yes as Befly said we been smoking more than half our lifes. I was 50 this year and think maybe that edged me to try. Only tryed for a day and again for a few days cant really call them quits. This is my first real try at it used patches my partner has stopped and started twice in the last few month this do make it hard. But i have said he is only allowed to smoke in the kitchen now. We both have flu at the mo but his is man flu hehehe being together all day dont help. We will all do this, this site is a god send Linda xxx


Hi destiny

I had that pain just below the ribs, i went to the doctor cause i thought i was having a heart attack! he told me it was intergestion and to take some pepto bismal, hope your feeling better today, i've been off my patches since 6.30pm on Tuesday, i thought i would be going mad by now, but im fine, it feels no different, mind i found that if i thought about it i made it worse, then i forgot about and then it was gone i was fine again.



hi destiny im sorry you had a bad day yesterday and i hope you are feeling better today.

we all have our mood swings and aches and pains so try not to worry about it, it wont last forever, soon youll be feeling yourself again.

Stay strong, charlene xrtwo.speedcentral.co.uk/im...


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