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Day 40

Hello everybody,

I'm on day 40 today. Could of easily had a cig yesterday.

My nephew is 9 years old and has been fighting luekaemia since the age of 5. He had a bone marrow transplant from his sister late last year which seemed a success. Thats the end of that so we thought.

My sister rang me yesterday, The luekaemia is back for a 3rd time. The doctors aren't sure what to do next as it is very rare for this to happen.

I am so angry! Why should this poor little boy have to go through so much. What has he done to deserve this.

I could of had a cigarette yesterday but knew that would be a stupid idea.

Cancer seems to be all around at the moment. First my dad and now my nephew again.

This will only make me more determined to not smoke.

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Barney, you are certainly going through the mill at the moment. Keep you head up and so glad you did not give in yesterday. I know we all have bad days, that one for you was utterly cr..p. Take care. Stay strong and keep us posted.

xxxxx Pupalup xxxx:)


4 years of fighting that's nearlly half his lifetime :(

My thoughts are with you and all of your family x x x x x x

There is nothing in the world a child can possibly do to deserve that, It isn't about deserving, not about finding blame. The past has nothing to offer but the future may hold the secrets.

Just keep clutching every sparkle that you see around you and stay strong.

Indeed the thought of smoking again now, kind of goes against everything that is happening to you.

All my love hugs and kisses to you and your family x x x ~Buffy x x x


HI Barney

Just read your post so very sorry about your nephew my love to him,your sister and all your family. I will pray for him Linda xxx


I was so sorry to hear your news barney thats terrible, hats off to you for not smoking, honestly the stress must be intense, you are amazing!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, and I hope you will all pull through what must be a very difficult time.

Charlene xx




i just come on here to have a rant because i really want a cig (am at day 40 as well). After reading about ur nephew, it makes me feel how selfish i am to be feeling sorry for myself when there r others like your family with REAL problems.

My heart goes out to you and all your family,

Take care and i truely hope you have some good news soon regarding your nephew. xxxx


Hi Barney

I understand what your going through my uncle was diagnosed with vocal box cancer last week, his brother had his lungs scraped a month ago, and their sister had nodes taken off her voice box two weeks ago, the latter are very lucky as they were cleared, for now, all were told to quit smoking, and they have, my aunt and 2nd uncle for 15 months now (i think that was why they were lucky) my 1st uncle 7 days today, he had warnings like the others but didn't listen, i hope your nephew will be fine, it is not easy, the only thing any of us can do is be there for them.

Be strong, you've got one of the biggest reasons, but DON'T put pressure on your self! well not to much anyway...



hi barney

my heart goes out to your little nephew yourself and your sister and the many other members of your family that must be truely suffering with that awful news right now! that brought tears to my eyes to read so what you all must be feeling like right now i just cant imagine. my hats off to you for staying so strong on the smoking front, i would surely crumble with those circumstances. GOOD ON YOU! all the best to you all especially the little one, god bless and i hope and prayer the doctors can work something out that goes well for him this time round xxx


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