No Smoking Day

Month 3 Day 58


I`m on day 58 2day.I will be going down to the 7 mg patch on wednesday.

I had a few craves on day 56 and 57. Its usually as soon as i awake.

Still going good though.

Had a cold and sore throat last week which only lasted about 3 days.Usually i have them for weeks.Thats one benefit i put down to not smoking as i`m sure if i still smoked i would be coughing and spluttering for england.

Hope everyone is doing well on their quits.

Love Barb x

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Well done to you Barb.:)

You must be now feeling that you have got the little monster in control.:)

Keep up the good work.:)


Hi Barbs

Really pleased to hear your doing so well. Hope all the family are ok keeping you on the go I bet Speak later Love Linda xxx


Thanks Dave and Allyson. Well done to you both, week 6 i think for you 2.

Linda--How are you.I seem to miss you and Buffy everytime i log on here.

Grandson is a treasure but ohh how he likes to scream:eek:

Trying Infacol and Dr Browns colic bottles at the moment.

Am going tesco 2day to get 7mg patch.Hope i will be ok as getting a few craves now and again.

Love to you all

Barb x


Aw Bless him :(

My first born had 3 month colic it was awful as an introduction to parenthood! Your daughter is very lucky to have your support, having a baby and not the support is very hard :( I thought i was a terrrible mum because of the strain :o

Infacol is prolly the best one but to be honest nothing makes a real difference, since they took the alcohol out of gripe water it doesn't work so well ! :p hehehe

He used to get constipation with it too, juice of 1 white grape used to shift thigs lovely in that department lol

It is like magic when as soon as he hit 3 months, though we started weening then at that stage, it's a lot later now. The colic vanished! poof gone! proper naps no screaming and no more posetting >_< he used to bring up more than he took down i swear!! lol

Sorry rambling on again! the whole of my first time mum experience just came flooding back!!

So glad your loving being a nan and 58 days quit!! OMG!! Well done you, with the quit and the support you should be nan of the year! x x

~Buffy x x


Hi Buffy

So glad to hear from you.I`m sitting here with Daniel on me as Daughter is trying to sleep.Hes been crying on and off for last 3 hours.Been fed , changed and the cheeky monkey wont go sleep.

Hes really heavy to keep holding.He weighed 9lb 13oz a week ago.

Hope you are well.

Love Barb x


Aw x x x x

No problems with weight gain then :D

Oh how I wish I had you around when i had my first ;)

Hope your daughter gets a good rest x x make sure you get yours too!!

Glad i finaly caught up with you x x

I should log into facebook more too but tis so busy here entertaining the kids etc :rolleyes:

I am still enjoying hols at mo but last week i will be desperate for them to get back to school :D

Ttfn ~Buffy x x



Entertaining 5 children.

I really hope you have a good school hols, only 4 more weeks to go.:eek: LOL

Finally got Daniel to sleep but hes due a feed at 11--11.30.

Was up last night at 4am and 7 am with him. Daughter needs alot of help at the moment during night and morning.She usually takes him out in the afternoon.Peace for nanny.:D



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