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Start of Week 5

Hi everyone, start of week 5 for me and hubby, (is this right to come to the month 2 section) if wrong sorry. Hubby found it very difficult this weekend, we had a very good friend to stay who smokes, bless him he did smoke at the very end of the garden (70 foot away) lol but today find hubby is low, he did not give in, neither did I. Hope everyone else all okay and you are still all smoke free, going by the partying that went on this weekend in this forum I would say yes, so way to go everyone, its great. Of to work (that four letter swear word) in a mo, stay strong.

xxxxx Pupalup xxxx:D ;)

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Well done Pup

Be proud you should and give that hubby a big pat on the back for me its not easy. Tell him he will feel better in a bit this quiting game is a bit up and down but when you look back its more up than down thank God. Well both keep strong and have a smoke free day Linda xxx


good on you!

i came in this room on the start of week 5. the way the days are calculated are very confusing arnt they. ive officially not smoked for 37 days today yet im on day 38 on here, on sunday id done 5 weeks with no ciggs but on here ive just started week 6. :confused:


Welcom Pup and Mr Pup, to the mad room and well done.:D


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