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No Smoking Day
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Had a Dream about a cigarette

Hey all,

Here I am at day 6, just woke up, gotta tell you all about a dream I had, it's strange but this is the first time I've ever had a dream with a cigarette in it I think --- In the dream I'm in a real stressful situation, there's a natural disaster going on, we're all trying to evacuate into my old boss's apartment (??!! lol), and I just need to smoke a cigarette, so I put one to my mouth and pick up my lighter, put just as I strike a flame, I throw the lighter aside onto the ground and.... don't remember what happens next, but the point is that I don't smoke! It's so wierd that I'm having this dream now, but what's great is that I've only ever heard of people having dreams about smoking, never about abstinence!

Another interesting thing about the dream was that I was with the group of friends that I started smoking with --- this dream's just begging to be ****yzed and related to my subconscious :-)

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yup lol I agree, it is usually dreaming of smoking to wake feeling so terrible, then realising that you havn't smoked at all and ... YAY!!! :D

Wow must be so in your mind not to smoke that you havn't even allowed your subconcious to play!

I think that this is a real mc coy quit!! :eek:

I believe this to be verrrrrry good thing x x x

~Buffy x x



well done mate :D

u may experience many weird n scary dreams over the next few weeks/months

but it will all be worth it :D

keep it up



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