No Smoking Day

Man Flu

Hello again,

Ive not been on for a few days cos Ive been ill and feeling very sorry for myself. Ive had something that was far far worse than that man flu thing that the boys complain about all the time. Funny really as I havent had a cold (I mean life threatening flu) for ages and I'm supposed to be healthier now! No sign of it lingering on my chest which always happened before....

Anyway glad to say have now moved into Month 2.

Hope you are all feeling great, strong and positive.

Love Ya All you lovely smelling people :)

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Sharkbait, glad to hear you are feeling better, welcome back. The first time I have up, within 2 weeks had nasty cold, then 2 weeks later again, this time nothing thank goodness. And thank you for the lovely compliment of us all smelling lovely. Its nice to smell, aftershave and perfume. Stay strong. Keep smiling.:D :)

xxxx Pupalup xxxxx


aww bless you

giving up smoking does tend to bring on a few minor ilnesses (i know they dont feel like a minor ilness when you have got them, but you know what i mean) i think we do become a little more susceptable to things for a while maybe a way of getting rid of all the bad toxins we have from years of smoking. but at least you've suffered less then you would have done if youd been still filling your lungs with all those dreadful chemicals. i see a friend of mine the other day, bless him he was ill with a terrible throat and cold but he was smoking one after the other (claiming he couldnt taste them properly due to cold) im sure he was making himself suffer 90 times more then he needed to , the man could hardly breath, just shows how bad this addiction is!


Hi shark glad u feeling better and welcome to month 2.

Stay strong, charlene.

The parties here are great by the way.


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