jackanory story about womens flu

Hi guys feeling as rough as so thought i would tell you a story.

Once upon a today there was a beautiful non smoking princess (only a lil snot and bags under eyes), she had been sent home from work monday where she slaved all day for a pittance (not true but hey its a story)the pittance part btw).

Today she also had her evil (jokingish) 11yr old son off school with a fake illness (by lunchtime he was bouncing around and stressing her out grrrrrrr).

The princess being very clever thinks *i know i will take him to the shop and get him something to amuse himself so i can have 10 mins of peace*(need more tissues and lockets anyway).

she decides in her wisdom that walking in this weather is detrimental to her health so opts for car travel (even though shop is less than 5 mins from house) so off they toddle.........................they get everything they need and the princess um's and ah's about treating herself to some flowers (she deserves them shes poorly). yet decide's not to and leaves store.

The princess and the son then walk home THE END!

sugar no it aint i fecking drove there and didnt realise until i saw car wasnt in the drive and im the only freaking driver!!! highlighted by son saying as we hit said driveway "didnt we go in the car?"

The extremely unamused princess then walked all the way back to the shop and bought the flowers she now defo deserved whilst scowling at son and drove home THE END!

oh no it isnt as the shop ALDI (other names available) is her corner shop and one of the assistants caught on so made me explain in front of other customers much to thier amusement lmao THE END!!!!!!!!

hope this has cheered you up it had me grinning at myself all day.

never quit quitting

jenni x

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  • Lol...life's like that, sadly.

    Great that the story didn't include any smokers, or stressing about not smoking...or even shopkeepers trying to sell a packet of smokes.

    Hope you can smell the flowers :)

  • Hi Cav hope i find you well.

    No to your answer cant smell a blinking thing but they look lovely pmsl and back to work tomorrow teaching 4 ladies and thier 2-3yr olds how to make toad in the hole pmsl its gonna be great, DISCLAIMER i do not touch the food they do it all under my instruction so no lurgy sharing.

    never quit quitting

    jenni x

  • Hee hee thats woman drivers for you. Cue the wrath

  • pmsl if i wasnt poorly and too ashamed to be noticed, my wrath you would be feeling :D

    never quit quitting

    jenni x

  • passed my own street


    Lol, The lady in the story is obviously a recent non smoker, whom was having a minor dementia symptom which accompanies some people that just quitting smoking.This story was great. It sounds like my day yesterday.

    After picking up my daughter from the Park, she had to tell me that we passed our street, 3 streets ago. Cute story.. made me smile :)

  • Jubilee this princess is soooooo glad to have cheered up a fellow non smoker :)

    never quit quitting

    jenni x

    p.s glad you was warned by daughter while my son was too busy too notice *MALES tut huff* lol

    pps *Lady* tee hee love it thanks x

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