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Day 17


Day 17 and feeling so much better today.:) Week 3 can be bad and it was last 2 days:eek: but today things are ok. Feeling confident and fit and healthy. Noticed my first real 'difference' today. I walked with some very heavy shopping at a faster speed than normal to the bus stop, about 300m, not far, but usually I'd have been struggling for breath and aching. hardly a deep breath today and no pain.:D That for me was a 'result'.

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Well done Mae x x x x

It is a rollercoaster of up's and downs!

In my opinion the downs are worth every inch for the feeling of the ups :D

Keep strong your doing fantastic!

~Buffy x x

Well done maeagain, you are doing really well.

The days just pass and gradually this gets easier.

Our third week was pretty tough too, but got through it.

There now seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel at last.:)

All the best.:)

Congrats maeagain, and yes zip definately light at end of tunnel, you and your wife been smoking many years, me and my hubby too, lets go and beat that little devil, am feeling good, tired and a little overweight lol all that food, but going strong. Stay strong all.

xxxxx Pupalup xxxxx:)

I keep trying to catch you up Maeagain but I always stay 1 day behind.

As it happens, I don't mind staying there as long as you stay where you are.

well done Mae, it sounds like you could be on the road to, more good days then bad 1's.

Jacque if you do catch up with me then I've done something wrong....seriously aren't we doing great?:D

hey Pipple, just got to believe the good days are coming!:D

That is seriously great news mae Im so happy that you are starting to see the benefits of not smoking, it really helps me stay strong during those weak moments.

Stay strong,

Charlene. :)

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