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No Smoking Day
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Dear Boudee x

forgive me for asking:o , but i have noticed that u are a senior member, with many posts under your belt, and have been a member since feb, BUT are on the same day as me :confused: so either 1, you took a long time to psyche yourself for the big day, 2, u were on champix a very long time before your start date or 3, you have given up before :eek: Tell me to mind my own bussiness if u like, but i like to know these things !!!! and also i have found the smiley face buttons:)

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i put 7 smiley faces on my last post, and it told me i was only allowed 4!!! so here are the other 3 pml x :p ;) :D


Heya Sandie x x

Boudee has had some very stressful situations at home. I believe she is able to get through stressful situations and not smoke but it is really tested when there are more than 1 smokers at home:mad: . So the long and short is, Boudee has quit smoking 2 times here and has learned a lot and shows pure strength and ability by keeping on succeeding x x

All short blips and they happen. i am serious quit number 3 in 2 years. I love to prolong the pain >_<

I have managed, 8mths , 4 mnths and now currently 5 mnths in 3 days time. So theres no failure in 17 mnths out of 24 x x point is she has started again and not taken in to account her previous quits.

Anything achieved is an achievement and never stop trying.

Once you quit, smoking is never the same, always looking to the time it stops again it's awful. It does happen sometimes but believe me, from the first time you quit, not smoking again is the most important thing x

~Buffy x x

Boudee will answer in her words, she is a backbone in this forum. I like to get in my opinion because she is a good friend of mine and i hope she feels that i posted that in a way to make her feel positive x x


Hi Boudee,

This would be the way I would feel aswell. If I lapse,(I hope to god that I don't) I would probably reset the counter back to day 1. I like to count the days I have been smoke free, not from when I intially quit. It is just my personal opinion on it and doesn't reflect how others should calculate theirs. So please don't be offended.



boudee and buffy


well it seems we are kindred spirits guys, i was not going to say this on here, (dont know if this will make u feel better or worse to be honest) but here goes ........

20 years ago (i am now 44) i was a smoker who wanted to have children, so i gave up cold turkey --- didnt have such things as patches etc back in the day lol it was very hard but i did it, had my 2 kids 12 yrs went by WITHOUT SMOKING ......

Then i found the pub/club(new friends as we moved) and of course

one wont hurt while im having a few beers will it?

Well for anyone who thinks this then read on .....

I smoked socially for about 2 yrs, i was so admired by all, how good she is , only smokes when she goes out, can take it or leave it ......

Then the bank hol arrive, and of course can smoke then ...and holidays abroad , fags are cheap, lets bring a few 1000 back and you can guess the rest

My children are 19 and 17 and i have been smoking PROPERLY for about 6 years or more, and was (hopefully i can say this now) addicted.

i tried a few times half heartedly, with patches, but they made me itch and always had a few cigs down the pub .... but this time....


so that is my humble story folks xxxxxx

i have beared my heart and soul xxxxx


Aw thanks Boud!:o


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