No Smoking Day

Nasty nasal spray?

On day three now..... and using the nasal spray thingy as my 'aid'.

Is it just me, or has anybody else found that this has to be *the* most painful way to give up? Having said that, one snort of the nasal spray and all thoughts of doing anything else other than writhing in agony are driven from my mind, so in a round about sort of way...... it's doing its job!!!

As ths spray is *so* much agony, I try to use it as infrequently as possble, and instead resort to the inhalator - which apart from giving me the impression that they might have actually put some nicotine in it, does provide some activity for the hands & mouth.

When I'm not writhing in agony or fiddleing with what looks like a half smoked spliff, I'm wringing my hands as they're perspiring so much, downing soft drinks to offset the horrible nasal spray making its way down the throat and wondering what it'll be like when I next go outside and...............

Oh ............ the air smells *so* good.

I've not smelt air for........ 34 years............

So, I'll carry on with the nasal spray -depsite - and my reward is the air.

Pete (day 3 after 34 years)

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Apparently the nasal spray is the 'hard core' NRT system, it is supposed to be one of the best ways but isn't for the weak hearted!

They say it gets easier after you've used it for a while so best of luck and let us know how it goes. :)


Hehe welcome pete x x

Good decision to quit well done!!

You make the nasal spray sound so appealing!! :D


I know Boudees hubby and niece are using it too, I have to say the thought seems painful to me!!

Still a quit is a quit and it seems to be working for you! so good on you x x

Stay strong and keep it up ~Buffy x x


HI Pete

Dont Know much about the nasel spray But my Partner tryed the Inhalator He said the refills was empty so hes not buying any more HEHE just staying with the patch Good luck with it anyway Linda xxx


Hey - Thank you all - for your replies to my nasal nightmare.

This evening - I found out somin - you *do not* need to snort the stuff - like - deep deep - into yourself. And that makes it somewhat less painfull.

I've read the pamphlet that came with the spray - and it said *nothing* about being a bit of a, shall we say, enthusiast? (Which I aint - but I thought that that was the way to 'do things').

So - my piece of feedback to others who want to use the nasal spray is, 'Easy does it - this stuff kicks as*' and I'm finding the *alternation* between inhalators and the spray to be working ok - and yeah - previous posters are right - I *used* to smoke heavy - and *this* is working for me.

(I used to use patches but they caused me to itch - cos I was always rubbing them to get the max out)

Pete (Thirty four years - and now three days plus more hours and encouragement from the above)

Ps.(xxx - to all who answered and gave me a *big* lift)

Pps. The inhalator does work -but you need to give it 20 mins to *slowly* bring you up - and in time you will not need that 'up'.


An update.....

7 days have passed and not one slip up.

Keeping up on the nasal spray and inhalator seems to be ok - and I went to a party, went to France/Switzerland (and with a 3 year old and 19 month old 'in tow' - that's about as stressful as life can get....:D ).

I found the cravings to be at their worst on day 4. I got around this by telling myself all the reasons I've chosen to stop smoking - and when that wasn't enough - a blast from the spray soon had me back on track.

btw - one of my main reasons for giving up (now!!!) is that my 3 year old son started asking if he could have a cigarette.... Scarey, scarey.

Take care wherever you are on your journey to freedom......



You have done really well pete especially using what sounds like a torture device for nrt, hehehe

Ur right about ur three yr old asking for a fag that IS scarey, and lets face it if that couldnt make a person quit I dont think anything could.

Luckily all the time I smoked my mother-in-law drilled it into my kids how filthy smoking is so I couldnt light up anyway without being harrangued by them.

At least with quitting I dont get verbal abuse anymore. :D



A rather relevant 'Thought for the Day'................

"Pain is temporary.

Quitting lasts forever."

Lance Armstrong (1971 - )

U.S. cyclist, 7-time winner of the Tour de France,

cancer survivor



Thanks meercat x x x x

That does throw some perspective on the whole matter,

when times can be hard.

~Buffy x x


Too right, it makes you realise that its not only for yourself that u are doing this, we are giving our kids a gift by not doing this anymore.

I read somewhere that if you smoke then your kids are twice as likely too as well.



When oft I lie a bad at night

Too scared to contemplate if smoking's right

My head tells me I've gan this far

I should'na give in to the smokey tar

You see my friends, I smoked twenty or more

For just 15 years and another score

It's not the way to ma prime of health

An' what is more it's killed ma wealth

Doctors say ye should' n'e smoke

Or dead y'ell be like many a folk

So, a' night when you speak to God and Pray

Say 'Thank you Lord, for tha nasty spray'


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