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Morning everyone.

Daughter is 38 weeks pregnant and going into hos at 7pm to be induced. I am sh****g myself for her. I don`t know why but i`m very on edge. Excitement,nerves i dont know what it is , i just dont want her to have alot of pain. She`s still my little girl.:D ( well 17 yr old little girl ).

Been cleaning like mad to get house ready for when she comes home.

Sleepless nights here we come.:eek:

Had no craves yesterday so i think i`ve adjusted to 14mg patch.

Well done to all the quiters.

Barb x

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Hi Boudee

Still loving your smilies.:)

I know i`m probably worrying for nothing but i can`t help it.AAARRRGGGHHHH

Thanks for your support.

Barb x

Ooooh todays the day :D yayayayay ohhh i am excited!

Arch at you nesting nanny lollol

Can't believe a 7pm induction! :eek: talk about stretching things out!!

man of course your nervous! your lil girl is about to have a baby and your about to become a nan! wo0T

I am nervous and excited!!

Can't wait to hear all the details :D Give your daughter all my love and tell her to 'go with the flow and keep and open mind, try and keep calm, if in doubt imagine the staff naked :D '

All my best ~Buffy x x

Buffy my friend.

Thank you for kind words.

LOL at staff naked.:D

I will keep posting updates of how she is.

I will feel much calmer when i know she`s ok.

Love Barb x

hehehe i did that myself :rolleyes:

yes please keep us updated x x

Lots of love x x

Hi Barbs

Big day is here at last congrats to you all. You must be soooooooooo over the moon what a lovely gift becoming a nan is one of the best things thats ever happend to me. Give you girl all my love and come and let us knoe every detail. Linda xxx

ps had a really bad after noon yesterday my bloody son walked out of detox after all that hard work to get him in. i have cryed all night got a banging head and just dont know were to turn with him. give me babys any day. My nan used to say when they are babys they make your arms ache when they grow up they make your heart ache how right she was Linda xxx

Good luck Barb,

My wife was supposed to be induced at 38 weeks due to having high blood pressure and she kept having urine infections. She has only got 1 kidney. After 3 days of discomfort it wasn't succesful and we opted for a c-section. Not nice watching someone you love go through a very uncomfortable and invasive experience.

My heart is with you and your daughter today.

Good luck!


wishing you and your daugher all the best of luck for tonight

7pm induction though thats not nice:( i'm sure all will go just fine for you all and i cant wait to hear of the new arrival

zoe x

Good luck Barb and daughter! And how nice will it be to be a non smoking nan. I'm off till tomorrow but I'll be thinking of new babies tonight.

Linda x x x x

I am sorry to hear about your son x x x x

Please remember that it is his illness, there is no magic sentence or action that you or anyone else can say or do to make this click into place for him x x

It has to come from him. Like quitting smoking, each step forward will help him in the end. Even if it is two steps forward one step back sometimes, all you can do is as you are, let him know you are there for him.

Keep yourself fit and well to keep up your strength, for him, your other son and darling granddaughter x x

Wish I could wave my magic wand x x x x

~Buffy x x

Thanks Buffy for your kind words they mean so much. i know my self its an illness But some times i feel so bloody mad with him. As far as I know he hesent had a drink since he came out. But as my daughter said there is nothing more we can do his girlfriend is heart broken Like us all she is worried what will happen now I have tryed to tell her not to worry but its easyer said than done anyway thats life. thanks again Buff Love Linda xxx

good luck barb I hope everything goes well for you today, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Congratulations and heres wishing the babba a safe entry into the world,:D .

Linda Im so sorry about your son, theres nothing much I can say except I really hope that things pick up for you, you deserve it, and that you are in my thoughts.:o


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