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biggest test yet, coming soon!

Am out tonight at an engagement party with my best friend and her hubby. Haven't seen her since christmas day and she is a smoker (as is my hubby). Have been out to other social occasions but not with smokers, I know I won't have one, but feel quite scared at the thought of them going outside without me. Her hubby quit 3 years ago and is now addicted to the nicotine gum, think i will stick close to him to help me!

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Haha, I hope it is too Kat, I have started to hate the smell of someone who has just had a smoke, so hoping that will deter me even more! x


Hellers, Max is right, you can get comfy without having to pop out every 20 minutes. Don't worry about it, just enjoy your evening. Believe me, it won't be long before you don't even think about these things anymore....;)


Thanks for the support everyone, I was bloody amazing even if i do say so myself, they both seemed reluctant to go out for a smoke, till I told them i wanted them to, so i could prove to myself that i really wasn't bothered. It did not affect me in the slightest, was very very proud :D


That's brilliant hellers,

That's a big positive step in the right direction.

Getting to a point where it doesn't bother you when out is awesome :)

Well done, hope you had a great night

Take care



Thanks you two, another big test this week, I work in a school so am off for half term this week, am trying to keep myself busy and keep popping on here :)


Doing great

Your doing great just remember when they venture out in the cold that, you are missing out on nothing (zero):eek: but gaining a whole new exciting healthier life :D:D:D:


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