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Off On Holidays Soon - Worried!


We are off on holidays soon, 1st March. We have a hol booked to Gran canaria, absolutely love it there been going about 2 - 3 times ayear for the last 10 years. Hubby, me, Anna, my youngest son who's 21, and my sister and her wee girl who is 4.

We are all staying in the same apartment. My sister smokes and so does my 21 year old son, I'm starting to worry.

Been looking at photos tonight, in practicalyy every one, I have a fag in my hand! Not good!

Any one who's been in this situation what advice would you give?

Although I'm determined, I'm also worried!

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Can't you ban them from smoking in the apartment? Then you can pity the poor nic trics every time they go outside!

Or.....take loads of air freshener and spray the rooms every time they smoke.

Also........tell them about the photos, how sad it is to have a fag in your hand every time and get someone to take loads of photos of you without fags!

Treat yourself to an expensive cocktail every evening with the money you've saved!

No idea about the no smoking rules there but even if you're allowed to smoke all over the place, pack a suitcase of pity for them.:D

This is is going to be tough, in a social situation with smokers for a prolonged time, but it can be pushed through!

My advice would be to first request the ban, your son shouldn't be a problem as you can stop pocket money :p, turn on the mother stuff!!:D, sister may be a little more difficult. Most people would help and understand, it would not be unreasonable to make the balcony the smoking area - this should help.

Secondly, try to stay away from too much alcohol, as in my experience the deamons can start to reason with you after a couple of drinks and get you at your weakest moment convincing you that you won't smoke in the morning.

Thirdy, don't forget to come and log in here from an internet cafe or your PDA, our support will still be here, and it may just what you need when you have the cravings.

Finaly, enjoy the break and don't worry too much, please come back a non smoker -


All good ideas/advice. Thank you.

Well I'm hoping that by then after having 5 weeks done, will be a bit easier.

Are you using any nrt?

Maybe you could take an emergency stash of something like gum or lozenges.

It is not 100% perfect, but it might hold things together when the moment arrives. Plus lots of other strategies to get ready before anything happens...Like...think 'Drink a glass of water...or...chew or suck something you like (!!)..Anything to give you something to do when what you WANT to do is fall into that well-remembered haven of rest called a CIGARETTE.

This is, in my experience, just such a slippery habit.!


If you are not using NRT then DON'T take that advice!

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