Soon be moving fingers crossed

Well I'm on the 14th day and still not gone back had a couple of slips but told myself slip no 3 will mean going to day one so more I insistant not to throw away these days but can't go into week 2 till Tom as was half way through the day so I'm early for my keys haha but must admit I'm finding it hard and am relying on my vapour more to do so, this waiting is driving me insane Even more now I know the results are in..why do they take so long fingers crossed the doctor hears soon what they mean,still can't believe he never knew *sigh the stuff it monster in me is being soon loud he's giving me a headache just thought I'd catch up 😘😘

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  • Shelly! You are doing so well, especially as you are waiting for your results to be clarified. Doesn't the time seem to drag though in those first few weeks! ! Keep going gal, you can do it!!

  • Hi shellymummy

    Keep going we are all rooting for you and you are doing so well. Not sure if you have already but my advice is to read lots, it helps build your resolve. There's loads on old posts on this forum and links to other websites with really great stuff too. That first week or two is hell but it gets better honest x I hope you hear from doc soon.

  • Your doing great keep strong x

  • I'm with everyone here, you are doing so well.... well done!

  • Keep it up. Deep and fresh breaths. And no issue with you finding help through the vapour

  • ..................and it is exciting to be moving to a new room....................enjoy, you've earned it.

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