No Smoking Day


Good morning everyone

How is everybody doing still staying strong

WOW day 15 and feeling great had a good workout in the gym this morning did 35 minutes on the cross trainer.

I have so far had 1 bad day and that was last saturday 07/07/2007 managed to get through it and since then i have been lucky with fairly easy days.

Got appt with gp today to get another perscription for Champix and havent seen my gp since i have stopped smoking.

I would like to hear from other people who are using Champix to see how they are coping :D

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nice to hear from thanks for your support i find this forum is a great help to me,

How are you doing with your no smoking what are you using and what day/week are you on.

I forgot i should have put this post on week 3 WOW week 3 cant believe it:D


Morning Boudee

So you are an experienced quiter sorry to hear that hubby is not to supportive, when i was married my ex smoked and that didnt help as she carried on smoking so there was ashtrays and ciggies laying around and it was too tempting and i was sneaking the occasional drag or ciggy, this time i live on my own so there is no temptation there is a sainsburys 10mins from me but i havent even been tempted to go shopping.

I have tried all the nrt treatments with little sucess, but i find the Champix brilliant and have had no nausea, the tiredness and the wind i am told are the symptons of nicotine withdrawal and not the Champix, i have got some sense of smell back but thats not such a good thing when suffering from wind.:eek:


hi there

i agree with that ha ha.

tiredness and wind are the 2 symptoms ive been struck with. and yes that wonderful increased sense of smell is not always a good thing lol.:D

i am using the patches, so its deffinitly a side effect of not smoking rather then any of the stopping methods.

well done to you so far and keep up the good work.:)


Watcha Boudee x x

Morning Andy x x

35 mins on cross trainer :eek: you must of walked from Penzance to john o groats lollol

I am chuffed cos i got to play with weight machines today :D woooo i have a whole new workout now that my doc has told them i won't collapse and die on their gym floor :rolleyes:

I answered here 'cos it's seems it's where the party is at :D hehehe

But grats for reaching week 3! i am glad you got through 07/07/07 as you can see it is easier now x x Well Done ~Buffy x x


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