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start of my second week


hello everyone

its day 8 for me today (8th july) its been a hot sunny day in england (makes a change, weve had terrible rain for weeks) i had a few thoughts of sitting in the garden on my own with a cuppa and a smoke. pleased to say as much as i would of liked to, i didnt need to , so the only thing i did in the garden was kick a ball around with my 5yr old son! ive noticed a big difference between wanting a cig and needing a cig , like missing a smoke and craving a smoke. luckily im missing them a little, not craving. i did have terrible congestion in my airways this morning when i woke up, could hardly speak for a while, feel clearer now. ive had to put my patch on my leg today as ive been putting it on my arms all last week and there feeling a little tender at the moment. my hubbie says that he can already see a difference in my face (it looks fresher apparently) its very early days but i feel that im doing ok. when people are saying they smoked 1 pack or 2 etc... are they referring to a pack being 10 cigs or 20 cigs? keep up the good work everyone x

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Hello Destiny,

I'm also on day 8. I know its only been a week but it certainly feels like a milestone.:D Well done so far!

I agree that it is more a case of missing a cigarette than craving one.

Most of the time I am pretty confident and pleased about the benefits of being a non smoker, but every so often I get that niggety thought in my head asking me if I really want to give up smoking, Can I seriously see myself never smoking again. These thoughts normally pop up on a daily basis as they have on previous quits but then eventually they fade further and further away as the quit progresses. My lapses on my previous quits occurred under the influence of alcohol but I have a plan to overcome that when I get to it.

I think a pack refers to a packet of 20. The only people who smoke packs of 10 are school kids and people who start smoking again saying they'll only smoke them occasionlly. Yes I'm refering to me on my last relapse.

Stay strong Destiny!

hehe the weather changed :rolleyes: i burnt my face :D rofl typical!

Oh the patch thing i remember having those marks all over!! i used my butt, thighs, lower back,shoulder blades,

and arms!! hehe that way i could wear patches without returning to the same limb / site in over a week.

I got commented on my face first too, more colour apparently! less grey looking. Seems it is one of the first visual differences, i can see it myself too now. Still got rotten ol' bags though >_< guess thats just parenthood!!

Well done Destiny x x you have achieved a lot! the first week is tough x x

~Buffy x x

Hello Barney x x Dread to imagine your grand plan!! :D heheheh

~Buffy x x

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