No Smoking Day

nearly a month!

Hey everyone. It's nearly a month (4 weeks tomorrow!! YAY) since I stopped and although I am feeling very pleased with myself I am almost tempted to start again! I am feeling quite rough at the moment-tired and spaced out almost like I have 'flu coming on or something. I am getting worried about this-surely I should be feeling good now? Being a class 1 hypochondriac, I have been thinking I have some horrid illness but I am hoping it's the quitting giving me this symptom. If that's all it is, I will persevere! I have read that when we quit, it alters the metabolism hence the tiredness. I just wasn't expecting to feel this grim. It's not all the time, just comes in waves. Anyone else had this problem? Luv Maz xx:(

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Well done on 4 weeks. My 4 weeks end 2morrow night.

Congrats to us both and look forward to us both posting on month 2.

I havn`t really noticed any tiredness but i do feel sick quite often.

I put it down to my body repairing itself, just another stage to go through.

I`m sure we will all feel better in the long run .

Barb x


well done the pair of you :)

a bet you never thought you would get to a month at around day 2 when you were dieing for a fag :D

you are an inspiration to us all


Well Done

Maz n Barb x x

Both doing so well x x must be pleased :D

These feelings and stages won't last long x x just as you think you can take it no more!! it's gone! :)

Hang tight x x stay strong x x ~Buffy x x


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