No Smoking Day

Day 2

Hi all just thought I would report that I have managed get though the day and still smoke free. Found things a bit mixed today, felt a bit lost at times & yearning for what used to be.

But I did pull myself round and tried to be more positive.

Stupid to make such a issue of something that can do so much harm.

So I am going to be more positive tomorrow, the day was not all bad just bits & bats of it.

Bye for now Joan X

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It's not stupid at all Joan!

It has stimulated all those receptors in your brain for so long! have you seen the ads!? hehehe all those little purple cartoon receptors are going mad up there in your brain!

Your doing really well and staying strong, your absolutely right though in that it is little to battle against for what you will achieve x x x x

Hope you have something to treat your self with before you turn in tonight x

Hold your head high and wear a smile ~Buffy x


Well done Joan.

Keep your spirits high. You are doing brilliantly.

Barb x


HI Dolph

welcome Good luck on your day three take it hour by hour if need be things will improve as the days go by. keep us posted on hoe you are. Linda xxx


Oooh yes Joan! a day at the spa *hmmmm* heaven I get to go like once a year >_< hehehe going to put my money towards that too good thinking!


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