Good News On Week 4

Hi Everyone

I`m starting week 4 today and just wanted to share my thoughts.

I have been thinking about those dam cigs everyday , all day. I couldn`t stop thinking about them , about how much i would enjoy one , especially last week. I worked out that when i`m excited about something . stressed or busy that is when i most smoked. As i have been decorating for the last week , i thought alot about cigs.

Last night after decorating for 5 hours and had been in bed for a few hours , i said to hubby [PHP]" i havn`t thought about cigs at all for the last 7 hours ".[/PHP]

That is a big step for me. Constantly thinking about them has nearly made me smoke again.:eek:

I hope from now on i will think less and less about them.I wont get to smug as i know old nic can jump out of nowhere when your least expecting it.

I`m on my way though.

Barb xxxx

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  • It has taken alot of fighting against giving in , but now seems worth it.

    I look forward to hearing that you are doing well and it will get better.

    It has been a struggle for me, not easy at all ,but now seeing benefits. Not coughing anymore.:D

    Barb x

  • Well done again Barb x x x x Your doing so well! can you believe its week 4?! :eek:

    You're a start keep it up ~Buffy x

  • HI Barb

    Know exactly what your feeling My mind is my biggest thing. To be fair things do get a lot easyer but I have cryed a lot in the last 16 weeks just trying to fight not to have a fag dont get me wrong I still dont think i have cracked it. But now When i think about them its not in the same way dont really know how to explain it just easyer. I smoked 40 a day for 32 years so I think its a big part of our lives we have to change just some times its bloody hard and maybe we blame all our bad moods on wanting a bloody fag. Hope you understand what I am trying to say Barbs Stay strong together we can all do this Love Linda xxx

  • Thanks Buffy , Linda and Joan

    Buffy---The weeks have gone by quickly. Seems like only gave up a week ago.:cool:

    Linda---I understand you perfectly. We are on the same wavelength. Before when i thought about smoking , the thoughts would last forever and ever.

    Now they pop in my brain and out as quickly as they appeared. Its easier to banish those thoughts now.

    I`m so glad i`v got friends like you all to help and support me.

    Love Barb x

    Ps Still not thinking about them. Had a really good day today, smoking wise.

  • >_< By the way your a star not a start :o

  • Am so proud of you have come a long way. We all have on here. Stay strong....hugs


  • Hi Cindy


    How are you. Good i hope.

    Barb x

  • if you've reached so far, you've got to stay strong and not fall into it again.

  • Thanks Justquit.

    You are so right. Have to stay stronge.

    Its hard at times though.

    Barb x

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