No Smoking Day

on day 17* Smoke bans here

Today, the 1st of July England got smokefree so your not allowed to smoke anywhere basicly, no longer in pubs/clubs/workcars well anywhere "work related".

Im so glad i quit well ahead this smokeban i didnt even have it in mind whilst quitting, it had totally slipped my mind hich was a good thing, i had none of the preassure im sure a lot of people are feeling right now, or they way thousands will have been fretting the days/day before.

Ive not smoked a ciggy for 17 days today and the funny thing is this was completelly unplanned and only done to support my boyfriend whos been having health problems due to it. Maybe because it was unplanned and an unselfish act its been so easy and not caused me more pain or stressed me out. Ive probably been unnaturally blessed in order to have made it this far without any "issues" popping up or any attacks.

Im watching the Diana concert on BBC and watching the sun breaking through for the occasion. Diana makes people go "gaga" over here.

Anyways, its nice to be smokefree.



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