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because I love my wife and kids

I'm 46 this year and I've smoked for 30 years. I have a young family my sons are five and one year old and a darling wife and I love them very much. I have now stopped smoking for three days now. It’s very hard as I have chosen not to use any drugs to help me. But the look on the face of my oldest son when I told him that I had not smoked all day is worth all the pain. I fell very good to day as when I go home tonight he said, he’ll give me a big kiss when I get in. Life is great and I fell good about my self at last. I still want a smoke now and then but I know I can quit this weed forever.


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Well done YOU!!!

Congratulations Ian and welcome to the forum.

You are already a day ahead of me in your quit but i found your post so inspiring. Aren't five year olds a wonerful invention?!

Just think by quitting now you will reduce the chances of your children ever taking up the habit and having to go thru wot your going through now.

Stay strong you're doing brilliantly and go get that hug and kiss off your eldest knowing that it will be a non smelly nicotine free hug!!!


Well done Ian ! x

And Welcome! :D

I love the thought of hugging and kissing my kids knowing i don't stink!

The smell is really bad when your a non smoker!

It's not easy of course, expect a roller coaster ride of emotions!

But to be fit enough to chase after the kids and have a bit of banter with the missus is priceless :D


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