No Smoking Day

hi everyone

start of week 9 tomorow been ok the more i hear about this ban im so glad ive packed up, i read in the paper that they wont operate on smokers have to be clean for at least a month and they will do a test to make sure you are clean and if your not they wont operate on you. i do think thats a bit much. They are making things so hard for smokers now. at least the weather has been good this weekend, hope everyone is doing well


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Hi Alison

Nine weeks the time has gone so fast well done you have done soooooo well. I know did you read it in the news of the world today Do seam a bit much. Told my partner he better try again he is waiting for an op on his ear. Sead hes gutted he caved in after 31 days I said well you know what to do HEHE. 2 weeks for me tuseday last of my patches 2moro hope I will be ok Linda


hi linda

yeh news of the world i read it to my hubbie cos his still smokes, im glad ive packed up cos ive got to have my gallbladder out in august stones they might not of done it i still smoked and they play me up so much just want rid. good luck with coming of the patches you will be fine


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