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When i worked it out monthly I have done 4 + a bit WOW

When I worked it out in months instead of weeks it dawned on me Ive done 4months + (packed in 24th january 2007) cant exactly say I had Last fag then coz I had a beep beep naughty smoke somewhere in between!!!! So although that is dissapointing I didnt think Id do 4hours let alone 4months so does that mean I am now going into month 5 (blimey wot a shock) think i like the month thing :D :eek: :D :) with a big mixture of emotions on the way xxx thanks everyone for help

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ROFL arggh ffs some creature just landed on my hand >_< oooh

erm soz :) dead now :) erm out of window i mean :p

GRATS!!! month 5 you star!!



:confused: :confused: wots creature? wots does ROFL means? n GRATS? are you okay was it a fly? i saw some bright pink little buttlerflies yesterday? also do you know that we only allowed 5 icons? you get told off if you use anymore - think I better go bed soon exciting asda shoppin tomorrow :eek: Being called a star is lovely :)


ROFL = roll on floor laughing

it was not a fly it was a large scary bug thing!

OMG (oh my god) if the only reason i had to go to bed was because weekly shop was coming i would be as happy as you! :p


Seriously traumatised by that large bug! man!


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