No Smoking Day

Day 16

Wow, how time passes. 16 days since i had my last cigarette. i will not lie, i really, really want one, i dont think its the craving, its more the.... pychological effects of having one. I will admit, the last 48 hours i have been contemplating buying a pack, sneaking a drag or two and just keeping the edge off, but why?

Why would i want to lose what i have now gained, no more wheezing during the day while im climbing stairs, no more wheezing at night when im trying to sleep, my house doesnt smell like cigarette smoke, so many reasons, dont want to mess that up.

Being a single father of a two year old, i am very proud of myself for doing this, my daughter does not have to smell or inhale my old bad habit, she doesnt have to go to daycare with the smell on her clothing, and better yet, she can hopefully be proud of her ol man one day for being a non smoker.

I went for dinner last night with a friend. as we drove there she asked me if she could smoke and that if i had problems with it to tell her straight up. I said no its ok, just roll down your window (her car) As she inhaled, i felt myself taking deep breaths for her, it was very weird that i did that, but seeing her smoke and smelling that, made me somewhat sick to my stomache.

Anyway, just ranting here, hope everyone has a great smoke free day and we will talk soon.

Day 16, one day at a time :D


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