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Day 5 - Mouth Ulcers!?

OK so I've made it to the end of the working week - bring on the weekend - should be an interesting test.

I'm having the usual withdrawal sympoms but have today broken out in about 6 or 7 ulcers on my tongue. Does anyone know if this is anything to do with giving up smoking? Never got it last time I tried to quit, but nothing surprises me! They hurt and I'm hoping they'll bugger off soon - I have enough to contend with.

Feeling very sorry for myself today. :( All my workmates have gone for their usual Friday liquid lunch at the local and I've had to give it a miss... not quite ready for the pub yet.


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Heya claire x x

Aw, Must say Liquid Lunches on a Friday is the thing i miss most about working!! he he, still you'll be able to join them soon x x

Mouth ulcers are common I got them when I quit with Gum, You use gum?

If not it could just be a general symptom Try and boost your Vit C intake, those effervescent tablets are cool, i actually enjoy the drink :D

Feeling down, sorry for yourself is common too x x so here's a great big to help make you feel better x x

Maybe you could cheer yourself up with a few goodies luxury bath oils, scents, candles, make up, magazines or a dvd, using the money you have saved? thats always a good pick me up!

Buffy ~ x X x X x ~


Yes, I am afraid you will have to give up those liquid lunches also for a while, you will feel very weak at the moment, best to avoid the pub/wine bar until you are stronger and have a few weeks smoke-free under your belt.

Things will get better, I promise! Drink lots of water and treat yourself to something luxurious to spoil yourself and make up for missing lunchtime!

Good luck ;)


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