No Smoking Day

got through yesterday now on day 19

:) hi everyone

yesterday was a very hard day for me but i got through it, i finally put my dad to rest in the place he always said he wanted to go it made me feel so much better knowing his in his resting place. at some point during the day i did think of a ciggie but but i quickly changed the thought with something else. im now on day 19 i cant believe ive come this far i did go through 3 inhalotors refills yesterday but that still better then smoking hope everyone else is doing well


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What you did to get through yesterday was a great acheivement Alison dont be so hard on yourself you are doing good girl. Im at the same point as you and week 3 isnt too good but still didnt smoke had lots of gum and have bit the side of my mouth loads of times which flaming hurt, been going to bed real early not smoking never bothered me once in bed. Stay strong


Well done Alison x x x x

A great achievement in anyones eyes! ANYTHING! is better than smoking :D

Keep it up ~ x X x X ~


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